Benchtop Ozone Gas Detectors

GAO Tek benchtop ozone gas detectors are devices designed for the specific purpose of measuring and monitoring ozone levels in a controlled environment. These detectors are typically used in laboratory settings, research facilities, or industrial environments where accurate and precise measurements of ozone concentrations are essential. Key features and benefits of benchtop ozone gas detectors include: accurate measurement, customization and flexibility, advanced sensor technologies, data logging and analysis, user-friendly interface, safety monitoring, calibration and maintenance, and research and development.
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GAOTek High Accuracy Wall Mounted Online O3 Measurement Monitor Ozone Gas Detector

GAOTek High Accuracy Wall Mounted Online O3 Measurement Monitor Ozone Gas Detectors are wall-mounted devices that can continuously monitor the ozone concentration in a particular area.

GAOTek Online Fixed Ozone O3 Gas Detector Online Ozone Gas Analyzer

GAOTek Online fixed ozone O3 gas detectors online ozone gas analyzers are a reliable and accurate way to measure ozone levels in the air.

GAOTek Personal Ozone Detector

This Personal Ozone Detector has measuring range of 0 g/Nm3 to 200 g/Nm3, display resolution 0.01 g/Nm3 and gas flow up to 0.5 L plus, minus 0.2 L/min.

GAOTek Portable Ozone Gas Detector

This Portable Ozone Gas Detector is based on double beam UV absorption detection  has a rechargeable lithium battery, an LCD, temperature range of 14 °F to 111.2 °F, and a 90dB audible vibration alarm.

GAOTek Portable Ozone Gas Detector

GAOTek Portable Ozone Gas Detector measures ambient O3 concentration in ppb level by utilizing UV photometric absorption technology.