Hardness Testers with Installable Software

GAO Tek’s Hardness testers with installable software are advanced tools that come equipped with customizable software applications. The emphasis on installable software brings several benefits to the hardness testing process. Some Key features and benefits of our hardness testers with installable software include enhanced features and capabilities, user-friendly interface, data management and analysis, remote monitoring and control, integration with other systems, calibration and maintenance, training and support, audit trails, and compliance.
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Hardness Tester with 4 Hardness Scales (Add User Material)

Key Features Specifications Key Features Test values software calibration function Software of PC can be installed according to the requirements

Hardness Tester with Hardness Limit Preset (Sensor Ports)

Key Features Specifications Key Features Left and right both side senor ports, can be used to select the suitable side

Hardness Tester with RS232 Interface (Stores 600 Groups)

Key Features Specifications Key Features – LCD display of 128×64 matrix is used. – Hardness scales(HV ,HB,HRC,HRB,HRA,HS). – RS232 interface

Hardness Tester with 7 Impact Device (Data Processing S/W)

Key Features Specifications Key Features 1.LCD display of 128×64 matrix is used. 2.Using the D high precision impact device 3.Converts