Benchtop Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Detectors

GAO Tek benchtop nitrogen dioxide (NO2) gas detectors are compact, desktop devices designed for efficient and accurate monitoring of NO2 levels in controlled environments. Key features and benefits of benchtop nitrogen dioxide gas detectors include: precision monitoring, laboratory applications, compact and portable, ease of use, real-time data monitoring, and versatility in applications, cost-effective solution and laboratory safety.
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GAOTek ATEX Gas Detector

SKU: GAOTtek-NGD-117
This portable multi-detector can test up to 6 gas concentrations using the natural diffusion model at the same time.

GAOTek Portable Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Gas Detector with Pump

GAOTek  portable nitrogen dioxide gas detector is used for portable and fast detection of the concentration of nitrogen dioxide gas, temperature and humidity measurement (optional), and alarms for exceeding standards.

GAOTek Portable Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Gas Meter

GAOTek portable nitrogen dioxide (NO2) gas meter or detector for chemical plants is a specialized device designed to measure and monitor the concentration of NO2 gas in chemical plant environments.