Automatic Calibration Thickness Gauges

GAO Tek automatic calibration thickness gauges are devices used to measure the thickness of materials in an automated and efficient manner. the emphasis on “automatic calibration” underscores a key feature where the gauge can calibrate itself without manual intervention. key features and benefits of automatic calibration thickness gauges include: precision and accuracy, time efficiency, consistency in measurements, reduced operator dependency, adaptability to environmental changes, enhanced reliability, cost-effective maintenance, and user-friendly operation. We have products in stock and can ship overnight within North America. Need any help? Fill out this Ask an Expert or email us at

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Coating Thickness Gauge with F/N Probs (Non-Magnetic)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features Can store the new data in 99 groups. Two measuring methods: magnetic induction (F)

Auto Calibrate Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (Sound Velocity)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features Auto calibration to assure the accuracy. Auto linear compensation: this advanced software program enhances