GAOTek provides spectrum analyzers that monitor the levels of spurious signals, such as intermodulation products, noise, harmonics and other signals. The monitors will indicate the required levels by displaying the frequency of the signals on the horizontal scale and the amplitude of signals on the vertical scale. GAOTek sells spectrum analyzers to the United States, Canada and globally.

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This GAOTek High Performance Spectrum Analyzer (for wide frequency range) with excellent phase noise and high sweep speed can be used in field work to measure the frequency range from 9 kHz to 44 GHz.


This GAOTek Spectrum Analyzer with Wide Frequency Range has excellent performance to test dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude accuracy and test speed.


This Spectrum Analyzer (9 kHz ~1.5 GHz, Phase Noise -85 dBc/Hz@10 kHz, DANL -150 dBm) is a test equipment designed to examine the frequency spectrum of radio frequency with -150 dBm displayed average noise level.


This Handheld Spectrum Analyzer is a test equipment designed for real-time spectrum analysis of radio frequency circuits with a wide frequency range of 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz.

ID: GT00Z800ZZ

This spectrum analyzer features a sleek and vivid structural design and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use whilst offering a 6600 mAh battery for continuous work.

ID: GT00Z800ZW

This spectrum analyzer offers greater accuracy compared to existing portable spectrum analyzers, featuring a resolution bandwidth smaller than 500kHz.


This High Performance Transmission Line and Antenna Analyzer is designed for on-site testing of cable and antenna systems in various communication networks with a wide frequency range (1 MHz ~ 8 GHz).

ID: A0070007tek

This handheld, lightweight Spectrum Analyzer is designed to locate, analyse and map the signal interference and is very useful for wireless communication field engineers to characterize the signal environment.