Auto Power-Off Carbon Monoxide Gas Detectors

GAO Tek auto power-off carbon monoxide (co) gas detector is a safety device designed to monitor and detect the presence of carbon monoxide in indoor environments. The notable feature of “auto power-off” emphasizes a built-in mechanism that automatically shuts down the detector under certain conditions. Key features and benefits of auto-power-off carbon monoxide gas detectors include: energy efficiency, longer battery life, continuous monitoring, convenience, reduced false alarms, and enhanced safety.
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GAOTek Gas Detector with Electrochemical CO (Wide Data Function)

SKU: GT00Z200U3
This Gas Detector with Electrochemical CO (Wide Data Function) is designed to detect the concentration of carbon monoxide gas and can be measured in the range from 0 ppm to 1000 ppm.

Commercial Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector (Max Hold, Auto Power Off)

Key Features Specifications Key Features Adjustable alarm limits CO level beeper can be silent if desired MAX hold function Auto

Industrial Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector (Beep Sound , Auto Zero)

GAOTek Carbon monoxide Gas Detector detects the presence of CO and measures concentrations between 1-1000ppm with beep sound above 200ppm and auto zero function.