Anemometers with Wind Chill Measurement

GAO Tek Anemometers with wind chill measurement capabilities are specialized instruments designed to not only measure wind speed but also calculate and display the wind chill factor. Our wind chill is a measure of how cold it feels when the effects of wind speed are taken into account along with the air temperature. Here are key features and benefits of our anemometers with wind chill measurement: comprehensive cold weather assessment, enhanced safety awareness, real-time wind chill data, customization for specific applications, integration with other weather parameters, educational purposes, outdoor activity planning, emergency preparedness, and efficient cold climate monitoring.

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GAOTek High Accuracy Hot Wire Anemometer

GAOTek hot wire anemometer is a highly accurate air velocity meter designed for various applications. Its advanced sensor technology and ergonomic design ensure precise measurements of wind speed in different units, making it ideal for HVAC, environmental monitoring, and indoor air quality assessments.

GAOTek High Precise Handheld Anemometer

GAOTek High Precise Handheld Anemometer provides you with quick and reliable airflow readings on an easy-to-read, backlit display.

GAOTek High Precision Wire Digital Anemometer

Features The slim sensor allows operation in small space and the extended handle can be used for more limited occasion

GAOTek Hot Wire Thermo-Anemometer Tester

GAOTek Hot Wire Thermo-Anemometer Tester – Thermal Air Velocity Meter is a cutting-edge instrument designed for precise airflow measurements.

GAOTek Industrial Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor

Features Internal temperature compensation Piezoelectric principle Ultrasonic measurement Compact design Maintenance-free Metal appearance Low power consumption Multiparameter integration   Technical

GAOTek Marine Anemometer

GAOTek Marine Anemometer is a high-performance air velocity measuring device designed for marine environments.

GAOTek Marine Equipment Anemometer

This Marine Equipment Anemometer has wind speed ranging from 2 m/s to 60 m/s, a 7-inch full touch LCD screen, a 24V power supply, and IP56 protection.

GAOTek Wireless Anemometer

Features ● All series current signal type wind sensors are compatible ● Adopt strengthen wireless technology, long transmitting distance ●

Anemometer with Temperature (Air Speed, NTC Temp Sensor)

Specifications   Technical Specifications Sensor Plastic impeller, NTC temperature sensor Range 0.4m/s – 30m/s; -10 to 50°C, +14 to 122°F

GAOTek Anemometer for Air Velocity, Temperature and Humidity Measure

This Anemometer for Air Velocity, Temperature and Humidity measure is a unique meter which includes calibration of wind speed, temperature, humidity and pressure with wind speed range of 0 to 56 mi/hour (0 to 90 km/hour).

GAOTek Anemometer with Wind-chill Indication (Beaufort Scale)

This portable Anemometer with Wind-chill Indication (Beaufort Scale) measures wind chill and wind-speed and it displays temperature, air velocity and relative humidity on a small LCD screen.

GAOTek Anemometer with Telescoping Probe (Data Memory)

This Anemometer with Telescoping Probe (Data Memory) is designed to measure air velocity, temperature and relative humidity and can holds the data memory as 10 x 99 sets capacity.

GAOTek Digital Anemometer with Wind Speed (Auto Shut Down)

This Digital Anemometer with Wind Speed (Auto Shut Down) is designed to measure the air temperature using internal K type sensor and the wind speed with 5 unit’s measurement.

GAOTek Multi-purpose Anemometer (Temp, Humidity & Dew-point)

This Multi-Purpose Anemometer (Temp, Humidity & Dew-Point) is designed to measure the temperature, humidity, wind chill, dew point, wind speed, barometric pressure, altitude and illumination.

GAOTek Anemometer with Magnetic Sensor (Over-Load Sign)

This Anemometer with magnetic Sensor (Over-load sign) is designed to measure the wind temperature and the wind speed in the range from 0 m/s to 30 m/s.