Z-wave modules for IoT are components used in IoT (Internet of Things) devices to enable wireless communication and connectivity within a Z-wave network. Z-wave is a wireless communication protocol designed for home automation and IoT applications. These modules typically include a Z-Wave chip that handles communication, as well as other necessary components like antennas and power management circuits. They allow devices to communicate with each other and with a central controller or hub, enabling functionalities such as remote control, monitoring, and automation. Z-wave modules can be integrated into various devices, including smart lights, thermostats, door locks, sensors, etc. They provide a standardized way for these devices to communicate with each other, regardless of the manufacturer, and are known for their reliability, low power consumption, and compatibility with a wide range of devices. 

Depending on their functions and applications, Z-wave modules for IoT may also be called: Z-wave controllers, Z-wave sensors, Z-wave actuators, Z-wave transceivers, Z-wave hubs, Z-wave gateways, Z-wave switches, Z-wave dimmers, Z-wave thermostats, and Z-wave locks. 

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GAOTek 16A 2 Gang 1/2-Way Wall Switch

SKU: GAOTek-Z-wave-112
The GAOTek 16A 2 gang 1/2-way Wall switch is wall 2 gang switch Hot-Selling UK Popular power Electric PC fireproof black sliver flame color switch.

GAOTek 2 Gang Smart Light Switch

SKU: GAOTek-Z-wave-139
GAOTek 2 gang smart light switch module with mini design to suit UK and EU wall switch boxes, compact size allows an easy fit with no changes to your home decor.

GAOTek CO Alarm

SKU: GAOTek-Z-Wave-102
GAOTek Co alarm periodically review this alarm manual and discuss your CO alarm emergency procedure with all the members of your family.

GAOTek Dc Tubular Motors For Blinds Z-Wave

SKU: GAOTek-Z-Wave-210
This Dc Tubular Motors for Blinds Z-Wave has temperature range of -4 °F to 149 °F, voltage of 7.4 V DC and transceiver frequency of915 MHz.

GAOTek Dirty Water Level Transmitter Sensor

SKU: GAOTek-Z-wave-133
This dirty water level transmitter sensor has a protection class of IP68, response time of <10 ms, high accuracy, and housing material of SS304.

GAOTek Door And Window Sensors

SKU: GAOTek-Z-wave-114
This Door and Window Sensors has wireless channel of 2.4 GHz, transmission power of ≤18 dBm and 250 Kbps communication speed.

GAOTek Fingerprint Wireless Smart Home Door Lock for Office

SKU: GAOTek-Z-Wave-111
Smart Card Hotel Lock Affordable Best NFC Fingerprint Wireless Smart Home Door Lock for Office.

GAOTek Futina Luxury Modern Wall Switch

SKU: GAOTek-Z-Wave-105
The GAOTek FUTINA Luxury Modern Wall Switch Push Button Electric Lighting Wireless Switch for Home Uk Standard

GAOTek Gas Alarm

SKU: GAOTek-Z-Wave-110
The GAOTek Gas Alarm has a three-year lifespan and a temperature range of -10 to 40 degrees Celsius.

GAOTek Guardrail

SKU: GAOTek-Z-wave-119
The GAOTek guardrail is a high quality galvanized double wave guardrail three wave guardrail z column.

GAOTek Home Assistant Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-Z-wave-132
GAOTek home assistant gateway is a ready-to-use home assistant gateway.

GAOTek In-wall Push Led Dimmer Switch

SKU: GAOTek-Z-wave-138
This in-wall push-led dimmer switch has the feature of turning on and off by the rocker switch, a frequency of 60 Hz, and a rated power of 600 W.

GAOTek Indoor Smart Light Switches

SKU: GAOTek-Z-Wave-187
This GAOTek Indoor Smart Light Switches has maximum voltage of 120 V, maximum current of 908.42 MHz and 10 years of mechanical life.

GAOTek Intelligent Electric Bolt Lock

SKU: GAOTek-Z-Wave-109
GAOTek Intelligent Electric Bolt lock is designed mainly for glass doors, wooden doors, and metal doors.

GAOTek IOT Gateway Development

GAOTek IOT gateway development is specifically designed for the IOT Gateway developer to customize the firmware logics.

GAOTek IoT Mineral Water Healthcare

SKU: GAOTek-HI-161
This iot mineral water healthcare has temperature range of 39.2 ℉ to 100.4 ℉, rated water purification of 2000 L, and voltage of 220 V.

GAOTek Led Micro Motion Sensor Switch.

SKU: GAOTek-Z-Wave-116
GAOTek led micro motion sensor switch, z-wave motion sensor indoor Christmas lights.

GAOTek Light Lamp Toggle Switch

SKU: GAOTek-ZW-138
This Light Lamp Toggle Switch has a voltage range of 220 V to 250 V, mechanical life of 500,000 times, and 16 A max voltage.

GAOTek LoRa Gateway Hardware and Software

GAOTek LoRa Gateway Hardware and Software is specifically designed for the IoT Gateway developer to customize the firmware logics.

GAOTek Mini Zigbee Multi Sensor

SKU: GAOTek-Z-Wave-106
The GAOTek Mini Zigbee Multi sensor is used to detect motion and vibration.

GAOTek Multi Sensor 6-in-1

SKU: GAOTek-Z-wave-118
The GAOTek Multi Sensor 6-in-1 has six sensors built into a small unit.

GAOTek Multi-Functional Z-Wave Motion Sensor

This Multi-Functional Z-Wave Motion Sensor has a radio frequency of 868.4 MHz EU, standby current of 16 uA, and temperature range of 32 °F to 104 °F.

GAOTek Multi-Protocol Smart Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-Z-Wave-163
The GAOTek Multi-Protocol Smart Gateway, powered by an 880 MHz MIPS® 1004 Kec™ dual-core processor, redefines wireless and IoT capabilities in a single, versatile solution.

GAOTek Multi-Protocols IoT Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-Z-Wave-165
The GAOTek Multi-Protocols IoT Gateway is a rugged and highly programmable solution, tailor-made for IoT Gateway Developers.

GAO’s Z-wave modules for IoT are composed of:  

  • Z-wave Chipset 
  • Antenna 
  • Power Supply 
  • Sensor/Actuator 
  • Control Circuitry 
  • Memory 
  • Enclosure 
  • User Interface Elements 
  • Communication Ports/Interfaces 
  • Security Features 

GAO Tek’s Z-wave modules for IoT have the following functions: 

  • Wireless Communication: Z-wave modules facilitate wireless communication between IoT devices within a Z-wave network, allowing them to exchange data and commands reliably. 
  • Device Control: Z-wave modules can control various devices such as lights, thermostats, door locks, and switches remotely or based on predefined schedules or triggers. 
  • Sensor Data Collection: Modules equipped with sensors can gather data such as temperature, humidity, motion, light levels, and more from their surroundings. 
  • Automation and Smart Home Integration: Z-wave modules enable automation of home or building systems, allowing users to create scenarios where devices interact with each other based on certain conditions or events. 
  • Security and Monitoring: Z-wave modules can be used for security purposes, such as monitoring doors and windows for unauthorized entry, detecting smoke or carbon monoxide, or alerting users to potential threats. 
  • Energy Management: Modules with energy monitoring capabilities can track energy usage of connected devices and provide insights for energy-saving strategies. 
  • Remote Access and Control: Users can remotely access and control Z-wave modules through smartphone apps, web interfaces, or voice commands, providing convenience and flexibility in managing their IoT devices. 
  • Integration with Third-Party Systems: Z-wave modules often support integration with other smart home platforms, allowing users to incorporate them into broader ecosystems and take advantage of interoperability with other devices and services. 
  • Scene Creation: Users can create customized scenes or scenarios where multiple devices respond together to a single command or trigger, enhancing convenience and efficiency in home automation. 
  • Health and Wellness Monitoring: Some Z-wave modules include health and wellness monitoring features, such as tracking occupancy patterns, sleep quality, or activity levels, to support aging in place or health-related applications. 


GAO Tek’s Z-wave modules for IoT are rugged, versatile, and precise devices. They comply with applicable industry standards such as:  

  • Z-Wave Alliance Certification 
  • FCC Regulations (United States) 
  • CE Marking (Europe) 
  • Industry-Specific Standards (e.g., Zigbee Alliance, Thread Group, Wi-Fi Alliance) 
  • Electrical Safety Standards (e.g., UL, IEC) 
  • Data Privacy and Security Regulations (e.g., GDPR) 
  • Environmental Standards (e.g., RoHS directive, e-waste regulations) 


Our Z-wave modules for IoT help our customers comply with relevant U.S. government regulations such as:  

  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Regulations 
  • UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Certification 
  • Energy Efficiency Standards (e.g., DOE, EPA) 
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Guidelines 
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Regulations 
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guidelines 
  • National Electrical Code (NEC) 


Our Z-wave modules for IoT help our clients in complying with relevant Canadian government regulations such as:  

  • Industry Canada Regulations 
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Certification 
  • Energy Efficiency Regulations (NRCan) 
  • Privacy Laws (e.g., PIPEDA) 
  • Consumer Product Safety Regulations (Health Canada, Competition Bureau) 
  • Electrical Code Requirements (Canadian Electrical Code, CEC) 


Our Z-wave modules for IoT, also called, Z-wave controllers, Z-wave sensors, Z-wave actuators, Z-wave transceivers, Z-wave hubs, Z-wave gateways, Z-wave switches, Z-wave dimmers, Z-wave thermostats, and Z-wave locks have the following applications: 

  • Home Automation: Z-wave modules are extensively used in home automation systems to control lighting, thermostats, door locks, window blinds, and other appliances remotely or automatically based on user preferences or predefined schedules. 
  • Security Systems: Z-wave modules play a crucial role in home security systems, allowing users to monitor and control door/window sensors, motion detectors, surveillance cameras, and alarms remotely via smartphones or computers. 
  • Energy Management: Z-wave modules help optimize energy usage and promote energy efficiency by monitoring and controlling HVAC systems, lighting, and appliances. Users can set up energy-saving schedules and receive insights into their energy consumption patterns. 
  • Healthcare and Wellness: Z-wave modules can be used for remote health monitoring applications, such as tracking vital signs, activity levels, and medication adherence for elderly or chronically ill individuals, enabling caregivers to provide timely assistance and support. 
  • Smart Lighting: Z-wave modules enable advanced lighting control features such as dimming, color changing, and scene creation, allowing users to create customized lighting experiences for different occasions and moods. 
  • Smart Home Security: Z-wave modules integrated with smart home security systems offer features such as remote arming/disarming, real-time alerts, and video surveillance, enhancing home security and peace of mind for homeowners. 
  • Environmental Monitoring: Z-wave modules equipped with environmental sensors (e.g., temperature, humidity, air quality) are used for monitoring indoor environmental conditions in homes, offices, and industrial facilities, helping to maintain optimal comfort and safety levels. 
  • Access Control: Z-wave modules are used in access control systems to manage and control entry to buildings, rooms, or restricted areas through electronic locks, keypads, or biometric readers, offering enhanced security and convenience. 
  • Smart Appliances Integration: Z-wave modules enable integration with smart appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and robotic vacuum cleaners, allowing users to monitor and control their operation remotely for added convenience and efficiency. 
  • Building Automation: Z-wave modules are deployed in commercial and industrial buildings for centralized control and monitoring of HVAC systems, lighting, access control, surveillance, and energy management, leading to improved operational efficiency and cost savings. 

More detailed information on such applications in various industries can be found https://gaotek.com/applications-of-z-wave-module-for-iot-in-building-automation 

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