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An Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is an important instrument used by organizations to validate the execution of new fiber optic interfaces and to compare problems with the current fiber links. OTDRs are at the center of GAOTek’s optical expertise. GAOTek offers a huge selection and inventory of OTDRs, with several singlemode and multimode configurations available at various wavelengths. Our comprehensive range of handheld OTDRs provide network engineers the ability to inspect, verify, certify and troubleshoot fiber cable networks, quickly and accurately.

GAOTek OTDRs are intelligent new generation instruments which are compact as well as rugged and are priced competitively. Our goal is to cooperate with user’s existing network equipment without affecting its appearance or performance. All our OTDRs are guaranteed to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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Functions of OTDR Test Equipment

OTDRs are extremely efficient in gathering data which ultimately create a picture named a “trace” or “signature” that stores a large amount of information for prepared users. It can also be kept as an archive or can be used to verify against a blueprint if a system breakdown occurs. OTDRs testers are not used to evaluate insertion loss for fiber optic cables since this issue is resolved by fiber optic test sources and power meters. Just like these devices indicate the end zone of the cables and certify their quality, OTDR traces are used to investigate on certain issues and fix them accordingly because they can show the disruptions on the fibers.

Similarly, OTDRs have a powerful laser transmitter that projects a pulse of light down the fiber. Backscattered and reflected light are pulled to the OTDRs via the fiber and synchronized by a coupler in the OTDR tester’s front end. A strong and effective pulse is passed on by the OTDRs after each estimate and they measure the light coming back. At any given time, the light captured by the OTDR is the scattered light coming from the pulse within a specific zone of the fiber. As the OTDR test equipment can connect with what they see in backscattered light with an existing area on the fiber, they can easily make a demonstration on the volume of the same light at any point along its length.


GAOTek is committed in providing simple, light and convenient OTDRs. They feature a touchscreen with various features of touch motions. By the means of different channels, the results obtained by these devices can be instantly transferred to a PC.

Applications and Industries

Fiber optics engineering, commissioning, technical support, and FTTx allow the use of OTDRs. They are highly recommended for several sectors such as aviation and defense, electric utility, hardware production, mining, oil and gas as well as transportation. Also, they are mostly used by installers and contractual workers.

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