An Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) tests the integrity of a fiber optic cable. Using a fiber OTDR, a technician can verify splice loss, identify length, and very easily locate faults in the cable. Another use is to verify the accurate installation of a fiber optic cable when it’s newly installed. If/when problems arise or if an issue is suspected in the future, a fiber OTDR can then compare the images from the original trace to the present state of the cable.


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Fiber OTDRs are used in the US, Canada, and globally, and are considered the most effective way to test long fiber optic cables – that is, cables exceeding 800 feet or approximately 250 meters. OTDRs cultivate a collection of highly valuable information for the user, which can be stored to check later or to check against a blueprint. For when you need to confirm the quality of the fibers, connections, and splices, a GAOTek OTDR is the right product for the job and can also be applied in troubleshooting.

Different from sources and power meters which act as a direct method of measuring loss in a fiber optic cable, a fiber OTDR works indirectly. The product uses the light scattering in an optical fiber loss to make measurements. A fiber OTDR uses a high power laser transmitter to send a pulse of light down the fiber. The backscattered light and reflected light is what returns to the OTDR. This creates measurements and location data which can help to determine when something has gone awry.

Choose from GAOTek’s amazing selection of fiber OTDR testers, browsing basic and more affordable models to the more advanced. Some of our fiber OTDR testers include additional built-in fiber testers, including visual fault locators and optical power meters. All OTDRs are manufactured using cutting-edge technology prioritizing performance, productivity, and reliability regardless of where it’s been used.


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This OTDR features Fast Boot Up technology, User-friendly interface, high-resolution color touchscreen for the easy operations.


The GAOTek OTDR-115 is specially designed for tough outdoor applications with features such as IP65 protection level, lightweight, easy operation, low-reflection LCD and long battery life.


This OTDR Launch Cable is used with an OTDR and helps in minimizing the effects of launch pulse on measurement uncertainty.


The OTDR-101 is an intelligent, multipurpose device designed for the detection of fiber communications systems for multimode fiber modules.


This OTDR with Wide Dynamic Range (Short Event Dead Zone) has extra-short event dead zone, which is suitable for testing short optical fiber and pigtail optical fiber and is used for fiber testing in FTTx networks.


This compact OTDR Fiber Launch box is designed to test the fiber optic cable with OTDR's to help in minimizing the effects of the OTDR's launch pulse on measurement uncertainty.


This portable and intelligent OTDR with Vision Fault Locating (Auto-Optimization) is designed for testing the distances and losses of the optical fiber and comes with a built-in VFL (Vision Fault Locating) system.


This OTDR with wide pulse/Test distance) is an intelligent new generation meter for detection of fiber communications systems and offers a wide pulse width and a testing distance of up to 74.56 mi (120 km).


This OTDR with Bidirectional Testing (Handheld) is used to measure the parameters of optical fibers and cables, such as length, loss, and connection quality easily locates the accurate positioning of event and fault points.


This OTDR with Vision Fault Locating (Various Test Mode) is designed to test the fault locations in optical cables and comes with various test modes such as automatic, manual, average, and real time.


This easy to use VFL (Visual Fault Locating) tester helps in testing the fault location of jumper wires and comes with a 3.5 inch color LCD touch screen.


This basic OTDR offers a smart software option that provides pass/fail status at all wavelengths, as well as span loss, ORL, fiber length and macro bend locations in a single window.

ID: C0250001tek

This handheld fiber optic OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer) is an innovative test instrument for telecommunication networks.


This Advanced and Expandable OTDR is used in testing a wide range of networks from PON to long haul networks and comes with a minimum dead zone of less than 2.6 ft (0.8 m).