Wireless Ion Meters

GAO Tek’s wireless ion meter is a specialized instrument used for measuring the concentration of ions in a given solution. This could include ions such as hydrogen ions (pH), metal ions, or other specific ions depending on the application. The wireless feature indicates that the device uses wireless communication protocols, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other radio frequency technologies, to transmit data to a receiver or a connected device. The key features and benefits are remote monitoring, data accessibility, reduced wiring complexity, increased mobility, integration with other systems, and time efficiency.

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ION Meter for Sodium (White/Multi-Parameter Measurement)

GAOTek ION Meter for Sodium detects sodium ion in the solution with high precision and performance reliably.

ION Meter for Sodium (0.3 % Error/Monitoring)

GAOTek ION Meter for Sodium measures sodium ION concentration in solutions and monitors water quality. .