Optical fiber identifiers from GAOTek are ruggedly built and easy to use. Using this instrument, detect the presence of signals on optical fibers. For field technicians, fiber identifiers are an important tool. Instantly verify whether live fibers are connected or disconnected, and trace fibers from end to end.

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To use a fiber identifier, clamp down onto a fiber. Then, the fiber identifier will induce a safe micro-bend and allow a small amount of light to escape. The unit then uses this light to detect network traffic, test tones, or CW signals and will indicate the direction of the signal. For every customer, this information is invaluable and can help assist the verification process in ensuring a cable is connected and functioning as hoped.

GAOTek has a unique range of affordable, high-performance optical fiber identifiers that are used by technicians across the United States, Canada, and internationally. Every day, our products assist in detecting dark or live fibers and excessive losses without disrupting the network.

Fiber identifiers are ideal for detecting fiber, including bend insensitive SM fibers, bare fibers, ribbon fibers, and up to 3mm jacketed fibers. For a technician, they don’t need to worry about harming the fiber optic cable in any way. It’ll save you time and money, especially in comparison with other fiber optic test equipment available for purchase. Signal traffic is never disrupted, when the fiber identifier is used correctly as all it’s doing is applying a gentle clamp.

To meet the needs of our diverse clientele, GAOTek has several unique optical fiber identifier designs to choose from. For those working on fiber optic networks, use our cutting-edge technology which is versatile enough to detect a variety of issues all the while without disrupting or disconnecting the live fibers. All designs conform to the highest standards and meet international performance expectations.


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This Optical Fiber Identifier with High Accuracy is a lightweight device which comes with 4 adapters and is used to indicate the signal direction in optical fibers and is essentially used in installation and maintenance of optical fiber cables.


This portable Optical Fiber Identifier with Signal Direction (Relative Core Power) identifies the direction of transmitted fiber and displays the relative core power without disrupting the traffic on that fiber.


This Optical Fiber Identifier with Signal Injection/Identifier recognizes the low-frequency signal online injection, without disrupting other online optical fibers.


This Optical Fiber Identifier with Multi Adapter (Signal Indicator) is an essential fiber installation and maintenance instrument for detecting optical signals in SM fibers comes with 4 types of adapter heads (Ø0.25, Ø0.9, Ø2.0 and Ø3.0).


This Optical Fiber Identifier with Large Range (Long Battery) uses fiber interference technology for quick identification of cables which are usually buried in the wells or wire poles for a maximum test range of 37.28 mi (60 km).


This Optical Fiber Identifier with OFI & VFL (Low Battery Sign) allows the user to maintain data traffic through an optical fiber cable and is used for optical fiber installation and maintenance.


This portable Optical Fiber Identifier is designed to detect optical signals without disrupting traffic by using the non-destructive macro-bending technology.


This Optical Cable Identifier is designed for fast identification of cables, which is buried underground and comes with a maximum test range of 37.3 miles


This portable optical identifier is an easy to use device which quickly identifies the direction of transmitted fiber without disrupting the current service.


This compact fiber optic identifier is an easy to use test device used to detect signals on optical fibers for a wavelength ranging from 800 nm~1700 nm using the safe and reliable macro-bending technology.