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Optical Fiber Identifiers

GAOTek is proud to offer a wide range of affordable and high-performance optical fiber identifiers. Optical fiber identifiers are reliable devices that identify the presence of signals on optical fibers. They are designed to assure that live fibers are not disconnected and provide the capability to trace fibers from end to end. As optical fiber identifiers are made for engineers and technicians to detect dark or live fibers and excessive losses due to misalignment of mechanical splices or weak connections, they are ideal for installation and maintenance of telecommunications and CATV systems as well as other fiber optics networks. GAOTek’s optical fiber identifiers are valuable assets for installing and maintaining fiber links and are included in every technician`s toolkit.

Functions of Optical Fiber Identifiers

Since it is usually important to understand how a particular fiber works during installation, maintenance, rerouting, or restoration. The optical fiber identifiers can be used to indicate if there is no signal, tone or traffic and related signal direction on the fibers. The devices simply clamp onto fibers, where they induce a safe macro-bend and allow a small amount of light to escape. The units use this light to identify the presence of network traffics, test tones or CW signals and indicate the direction of the signals. Optical fiber identifiers can quickly detect the direction of transmitted fibers and display the relative core power without any damages to the bent fibers. They allow users to eliminate the risk of accidental disruption of revenue service. The devices provide professionals with important real-time operational data on a fiber system. They also save time and money when compared to more elaborate precision measurements.


GAO Tek offers a wide range of high-performance optical fiber identifiers that meet the needs of every customer. The devices are portable, easy-to-use (One Key Operation), and budget-friendly. They enable users to easily locate the optical signals without disconnecting fibers or disrupting network traffics. As the latest technology available in the market, they can detect the traffic directions and identify a wide range of optical tones (270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz) effectively. The identifiers offer safe and reliable macro bending technology which allows them to discover optical signals without disrupting the network communications and damaging the fibers. These well-constructed devices also feature Ø0.25, Ø0.9, Ø2.0 and Ø3.0 easy-to-swap adaptors to match various optical cables. These high-quality instruments are essential tools for installing and maintaining fiber networks. 

Applications and Industries

Optical fiber identifiers are generally used to identify live or dark fibers, verify continuity through splices and connectors, identify signal direction (transmit or receive), trace signals with the use of tone generators. They also can be used in several applications such as relative loss measurements, fiber identification for routing, and general installation and troubleshooting. Optical fiber identifiers are highly useful in industries such as CATV industry, telecom industry, digital industry, and service industry.

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