Infrared Methane Gas Detectors

GAO Tek infrared methane gas detectors are devices designed to detect the presence of methane gas in the air using infrared technology. Methane is a colorless, odorless gas that is highly flammable, making it important to monitor its levels, especially in industrial settings, where it can pose a significant safety risk. Here’s a brief overview of how infrared methane gas detectors work and the benefits of using infrared technology for calibration: principle of operation, calibration, benefits of infrared technology, specificity, long-term stability, low maintenance, wide measurement range, response time, and user-friendly interface.
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GAOTek Fast Methane Gas Detector

Features Detection : 5 ppm-m detection sensitivity Fast-speed Response : Shortest response time is 0.1 s Further Detection Distance :

GAOTek Methane Gas Alert Detector

GAOTeK Methane Gas Alert Detector simultaneously monitors and displays up to five atmospheric hazards.

GAOTek Methane Gas Detectors

This Methane Gas Detector has operating temperature -40 °F to 140 °F, power range of 9 V to 35 V and response time less than 10s.