Benchtop Multi Gas Detectors

GAO Tek benchtop multi gas detectors are gas monitoring devices designed for use in laboratory or stationary settings. These detectors are typically larger and more robust than portable counterparts, and they are placed on a bench or table for continuous monitoring of gases in a specific area. Key aspects and benefits of benchtop multi gas detectors include: multi-gas detection capability, accuracy and precision, user-friendly interface, real-time monitoring, data logging and analysis, customizable alarms, durable construction, compliance with industry standards.
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GAOTek Industrial Grade Exhaust Gas Detector

GAOTek industrial grade exhaust gas detector is a data collector which can quickly acquire and analyse gas concentration components in scientific research, university and complex working environments.

GAOTek Portable Multi Gas Detector

GAOTek portable multi-gas detector can be used in the accurate detection and analysis of a variety of gas concentrations and measurement of environmental temperature and humidity.