XFP Tunable Transceivers 

GAO’s XFP tunable transceivers are optical modules used in high-speed data communication networks. They can transmit and receive data over fiber optic cables. What sets them apart is their tunability feature, which allows the user to adjust the operating wavelength within a certain range. This flexibility enables compatibility with various network architectures and offers simplified inventory management for network operators. 

GAO’s XFP tunable transceivers are composed of power supply, control unit, tunable laser source, optical power meter, variable optical attenuator, and host interface. 

The other common names of XFP tunable transceivers are XFP adjustable wavelength modules, tunable XFP optical transceivers, XFP wavelength-tuning modules, XFP wavelength-selectable transceivers, XFP variable wavelength optics, XFP agile transceivers, XFP flexible wavelength modules, XFP programmable optics, XFP wavelength-adaptable transceivers, XFP dynamic wavelength modules, XFP reconfigurable transceivers, XFP wavelength-agile modules, XFP customizable optics, XFP user-configurable transceivers, and XFP adaptive wavelength modules.

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GAOTek Amateur Transceiver

This Amateur Transceiver has 0.5 MHz to 30 MHz frequency range, <-95 dBm receiving sensitivity, multiple working modes, and 10 W output power. 

GAOTek HD Video Transceiver

This HD Video Transceiver has 24 number of channels, 6.5 V to 8.4 V (2S Li-battery) operating voltage range, and a >2.0 A USB adaptor current. 

GAOTek Portable Transceiver

This Portable Transceiver has 9.0 V DC to 15.0 V DC power supply, 400 Hz to 2800 Hz (-6 dB) SSB frequency response, and a >40 dB carrier suppression. 

GAOTek Shortwave Transceiver

This Shortwave Transceiver has 100 W of output power, an S0-239 antenna connector, multiple scanning methods, and a 13.8 V DC 15% operating voltage. 

GAOTek Transponder

GAOTek transponder supports four QSFP28 client interfaces and one CFP2 line-side interface to support single-channel 400 Gbps large-grain data transfers.

GAOTek Tunable Multiprotocol XFP Optical Transceiver

This Tunable Multiprotocol XFP Optical Transceiver has data rate of 1.25 Gb/s, optical power of 3 dBm to 7 dBm and transmission distance of 24.85 mi.

GAOTek Tunable XFP Transceiver

This Tunable XFP Transceiver has target transmission distance of 6.2 mi, signaling speed of 10.3125 Gb/s and transmit OMA per lane of 3.5 max dBm.

GAOTek Two way Repeater

GAOTek two-way repeater is a continuous-duty unit that supports two simultaneous voice or data paths in digital TDMA mode.

GAOTek XFP Fixed Frequency Tunable Transceiver

This XFP Fixed Frequency Tunable Transceiver has optical power of 3 dBm to 7 dBm, sensitivity of -30 dBm and wavelength of 1490 nm or 1310 nm.

GAOTek XFP Tunable C Band Transceiver

This XFP Tunable C Band Transceiver has power dissipation of 1.5 W, power supply of 3.3 V, data rate of 10 Gbps and fiber connector of LC.

GAOTek XFP Tunable C Band Transceiver

This XFP Tunable C Band Transceiver has a data rate of 10 Gbps, a bit rates of 11.3 Gb/s, ITU grid of 100 GHz, and a power supply of 3.3 V.

GAOTek XFP Tunable Firmware Transceiver

This XFP Tunable Firmware Transceiver has signaling speed per lane of 10.3125 Gbit/s, total average launch power of 8.3 dBm and line code format of NRZ.

GAOTek XFP Tunable Full C-Band Transceiver

GAOTek XFP tunable full c-band transceiver are designed for use in 10 Gb/s to 11.1 Gb/s 50 GHz DWDM links up to 49.71 mi (80 km) of G.652 fiber.

GAOTek XFP Tunable LC Transceiver

GAOTek XFP tunable LC transceiver is a module comprised of a transmitter with 850 nm a vertical cavity surface emitting (VCSEL) laser and a receiver with a PIN photodiode.

GAOTek XFP Tunable Module Transceiver

This XFP Tunable Module Transceiver has a data rate of 10 G, a wavelength of tunable DWDM and connector of LC and a power supply of 3.3 V.

GAOTek XFP Tunable Optical Transceiver

GAOTek XFP tunable optical transceiver is a hot pluggable Small-Form-Factor transceiver module. It is designed expressly for high-speed communication applications that require rates up to 11.3 Gb/s, it is designed to be compliant with XFP MSA.

GAOTek XFP Tunable Optical Transceiver Module

This XFP Tunable Optical Transceiver Module has distance of 49.71 mi, network of wireless LAN and operating temperature of 32 °F to 158 °F.

GAOTek XFP Tunable Transceiver Module

This XFP Tunable Transceiver Module has a data rate of 10 G, TX connector of 0 dBm to 3 dBm, RX sensitivity of -24 dBm and cables of fiber optic.

GAOTek XFP Tunable Transceiver with 10Gb/s

This 10 Gigabit XFP (small form-factor pluggable) Tunable Transceiver is used with single mode optical fiber to reach up to 49.72 miles (80km) transmission distance.

GAOTek XFP Tunable Wavelength Transceiver

This XFP Tunable Wavelength Transceiver has the sensitivity of –24 dB, input saturation power of –7 B and power consumption of pow3.5 W.

GAO Tek’s XFP tunable transceivers have the following functions: 

  • Wavelength Flexibility: Our XFP tunable transceivers can be tuned to operate on different wavelengths within a specific range. This flexibility allows network operators to optimize their network configurations and adapt to changing network requirements without having to physically replace the transceivers. 
  • Simplified Inventory Management: GAO’s XFP tunable transceivers can reduce the number of different transceiver types they need to stock. Instead of stocking multiple fixed-wavelength transceivers, they can use tunable transceivers that can be adjusted to the desired wavelength as needed, reducing inventory complexity. 
  • Dynamic Network Provisioning: Our XFP tunable transceivers enable dynamic network provisioning, where wavelengths can be assigned and reconfigured on the fly. This flexibility allows for efficient allocation of network resources, improved network utilization, and faster service provisioning.
  • Network Upgradability: GAO’s XFP tunable transceivers offer scalability and upgradability options for network operators. As network requirements change or evolve, these transceivers can be easily reconfigured to operate on different wavelengths, eliminating the need for costly equipment replacement.
  • Network Testing and Troubleshooting: Our XFP tunable transceivers can be used for network testing and troubleshooting purposes. By adjusting the wavelength, network engineers can isolate specific channels or paths in the network, perform wavelength-level testing, and identify any issues or faults in the optical infrastructure. 

GAO Tek’s XFP tunable transceivers are rugged, versatile and precision measurement instruments. They comply with applicable industry standards such as XFP MSA (Multi-Source Agreement), IEEE 802.3, ITU-T G.709, Telcordia GR-468, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive 

Our XFP tunable transceivers help our customers comply with relevant U.S. government regulations such as: 

  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations 
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) regulations 
  • Export Administration Regulations (EAR) 
  • Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) 

Our XFP tunable transceivers help our clients in complying with relevant Canadian government regulations such as: 

  • Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)  
  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)  
  • Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)  
  • Controlled Goods Program (CGP)  

Our XFP tunable transceivers have the following applications: 

  • Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Systems: Our XFP tunable transceivers are used in DWDM systems. They allow for the multiplexing and demultiplexing of multiple wavelengths on a single optical fiber, enabling high-capacity transmission over long distances. 
  • Optical Transport Networks: GAO’s XFP tunable transceivers are utilized in optical transport networks, where they enable the transmission of data over long-haul and metro networks.  
  • Data Center Interconnects: Our XFP tunable transceivers are used in data center interconnects (DCIs). They enable high-speed, long-reach connectivity between data centers, facilitating data transfer and replication across geographically dispersed locations. 
  • Telecommunications Networks: GAO Tek’s XFP tunable transceivers are deployed in telecommunications networks for various applications. They are used in the backbone infrastructure to transmit data over long distances, connecting different regions or countries.  
  • Research and Development: Our XFP tunable transceivers are used in research and development settings. They are utilized in optical laboratories and test environments for experimental setups, performance evaluations, and prototyping new optical systems. 

Our XFP tunable transceivers can be shipped overnight within the continental U.S. and Canada and can be shipped globally.