Mux / Demux & Switches

GAO’s fiber optics Mux/Demux & switches enhance network flexibility and efficiency in transmitting and managing optical signals within fiber optic networks.

Mux: GAOTek’s fiber optic multiplexers are devices used to combine multiple optical signals onto a single fiber optic cable or separate individual signals from a composite signal. It allows for the efficient utilization of fiber optic infrastructure by enabling the transmission of multiple signals over a single fiber.

Demux: GAO’s fiber optic demultiplexers are devices used to separate a composite optical signal, which contains multiple channels or wavelengths, into individual signals. It allows for the extraction of specific signals from a combined optical transmission.

Switches: GAO’s optical switches are devices used in optical networks to selectively switch or route optical signals between different fiber optic paths or channels. They operate at the optical layer (Layer 1) of the network and provide the ability to control and direct the flow of optical signals in a network.


GAO’s fiber optics Mux/Demux & switches are composed of optical ports, wavelength selective elements, splitters/couplers, connectors, optical switching matrix, control electronics, and optical switching elements.

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This 1+1 Optical Line Protection Device (OLP) is a high performance optical line protection device and widely used in optical line protection of PDH, SDH, C/DWDM systems, power communication network and CATV networks
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This 18 Channel Single Fiber 1270 ~ 1610 nm CWDM Mux/De-Mux is a Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing which is used for expansion of existing fiber capacity for service providers.
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This Optical Switch Low Loss Fast Switching Speed is designed for optical network connectivity with prime applications in optical protection, test systems, remotely reconfigurable add-drop multiplexers.  
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This Single Fiber DWDM Mux/De-Mux is a Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing that multiplexes several streams of signals over a single fiber with a maximum support of 40 different wavelengths.