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Nitric Oxide Gas Detectors

Nitric oxide gas detectors provide warning as the levels of nitric oxide rise. Non-flammable and highly toxic, nitric oxide is a gas that has a sweet and sharp odor. NO gets released into the air through applying nitric acid on metals or is a by-product from the combustion of substances in fossil fuel plants. It can also come from the oxidation of nitrogenous materials, used in the synthesis of nitric acid, as a decomposition agent in gaseous products, or in semiconductor manufacturing.

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If you’re working with metal etching, blasting, welding, or diesel combustion, you want a nitric oxide detector to ensure you’re protected against this extremely toxic gas. When inhaled, NO is water-soluble and so, it will cause a reaction inside the body that turns it into nitric acid. Symptoms begin with a slight irritation of the mucous membranes in the upper respiratory tract before continuing on to pulmonary edema and potentially, death.

In environments where there’s continued exposure to even the lowest concentrations of NO fumes, a person can get irritation of the respiratory tract, headaches, coughs, loss of appetite, corrosion of the teeth, and/or loss of strength.

Anyone in an environment with a risk of nitric oxide, an NO gas detector can be a life-saving device. GAOTek offers a wide range of nitric oxide detectors which provide a user the ability to accurately assess any environment for the hazardous gas. Any of our portable and intelligent NO gas detectors are a well-recommended choice to minimize the risk of nitric oxide poisoning in the workplace.

GAOTek nitric oxide detectors are rugged, durable, and industrial-grade. Use them in the field across industrial and commercial environments with no difficulty. Our NO gas detectors are complete with fast sampling, wide sampling rates, data recording, and sound and light alarms for danger notification. Browse GAOTek nitric oxide gas detectors and meters today for more information on how you can protect your environment from this toxic gas.

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