A fiber optic variable attenuator is used to reduce the power level of an optical signal in fiber optic communications.

Depending on the type of optical attenuator, they can be used to test power level margins by adding a calibrated amount of signal loss, or can be installed permanently to match transmitter and receiver levels.

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This Variable Optical Attenuator for CATV is a device useful for testing continuously variable optical signal attentuation in CATV systems.
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This compact Variable Optical Attenuator is a portable device which has low insertion loss with wide attenuation range and is suitable for use in testing projects of optical transmission systems.
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This optical attenuator is used in measuring parameters of fiber optical system, testing FTTX, and attenuating the short distance in fiber optical networks.
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This variable optical attenuator is designed with single-mode fiber to continuously attenuate the optical signal and can be used in the digital systems of communication devices and CATV systems.