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Personal digital assistants (PDA) or enterprise digital assistants (EDA) are used across numerous industries to help with entering or retrieving data through wireless transmission. Purchasing a PDA/EDA, you have the chance to use them as barcode readers, as a touchscreen, IrDA, as a general data capture device, or to tap into its Bluetooth connection. The multi-purpose dynamics of one of these assistants means they’re used in environments such as large retail stores, warehouses, hospitals, as well as professional environments where access to a database from a remote location is a necessity.

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PDA/EDA assistants have built in heavy-duty casings with strong impact and drop-test ratings, as well as the utmost protection of minimum IP54 standard. As a data collection device, they’re portable, lightweight and can easily be used on the job whenever needed. Compared to a smartphone or alternative device, a PDA/EDA assistant carries with it professional features and functions most of which are not found on other devices. They also distinguish themselves from other devices with a minimum requirement for long-term daily operation time. These are reliable, durable, ruggedly built devices that won’t quit on you when you need them most.

GAOTek PDA/EDA devices are what you want when you’re working within a demanding mobile setting. In application, you can complete multiple tasks in a limited amount of time and keep all your data in a single location for any computing or communication needs you have. Using GAOTek PDA/EDA, enjoy data collection at desktop speeds, and empower yourself and your colleagues to get work done on the job site regardless of how tough, gritty, or challenging the location is. When you’re working mobile, you need something compact and lightweight but a device which is also durable and usable. A GAOTek PDA/EDA is your best recommendation if you want something you can use daily but without the bulk of an industrial-grade laptop or computer.

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