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Drone-101 with 5.8 GHz Digital Image Transmission

GAOTek Drone-101 features a 5.8 GHz Digital Image Transmission with a High-Resolution 18X Optical Zoom Camera.

Drone-102 with 4K Video Resolution

GAOTek Drone-102 features a 4K Video Resolution with a Multiple-Mode 30X Optical Zoom Camera

GAOTek Obstacle Avoidance Pro Wi-Fi FPV Foldable RC Drone 4k Selfie Dual Camera Beginner Drones

SKU: GAOTek -FD-105
GAOTek  2023 Best Seller quality obstacle avoidance Pro Wi-Fi FPV foldable RC drone is a top-rated option for beginner drone enthusiasts.

GAOTek 10L Agricultural Sprayer Drone

GAOTek introduces the 10L Agricultural Sprayer Drone, a heavy payload solution designed to redefine precision agriculture.

GAOTek 1500M RC Distance Brushless Motor

SKU: GAOTek-CD-104
GAOTek drone boasts impressive features, including a 25-minute battery life, 4921.26 Ft (1500 m) RC distance, and a brushless motor for enhanced performance.

GAOTek 2 Axis EIS Drone

This 2 axis EIS drone has a diagonal wheel base of 7.28 in, a flight altitude of 0.07 mi, a frequency of 2.4 G, and a flight time of 23 min to 26 min.

GAOTek 2022 Drop Shipping E58 WIFI FPV With Wide Angle HD 4k Camera Hight Hold Mode Foldable Arm RC Quadcopter Drone X Pro RTF Drone

SKU: GAOTek -FD-107
GAOTek  2022 E58 WIFI FPV with Wide Angle HD 4k Camera is a high-performance foldable arm RC quadcopter drone designed for drop shipping.

GAOTek 2023 C-FLY Faith 2 Pro

This C-FLY Faith 2 Pro drone – an advanced aerial companion equipped with GPS precision, a 4K UHD camera for breathtaking visuals, and an extended 30-minute flight capability.

GAOTek 2023 Quadcopter Drones Wide Angle Camera Video Recording

SKU: GAOTek-WD-181
This wide-angle camera drone features 720 P HD video capture resolution, control distance of 984.25 ft (300 m) and flight time of 15 min to 20 min.

GAOTek 2024 NEW EVO Nano Drone

This Unveil the 2024 NEW EVO Nano 4K HD – a compact marvel offering stunning 4K HD visuals, advanced features, and unparalleled aerial experiences.

GAOTek 3-Axis Gimbal GPS Drone

This 3-Axis Gimbal GPS Drone has a flying time of 45 minutes, an image transmission distance of 3.72 mi (6 km) and a control distance of 4.34 mi.


SKU: GAOTek - GPSD - 133
Features GPS returns to the take-off point with one button, returns to home with low power, and returns without signal

GAOTek 4 Axis Drone Frame for Agriculture Drone

Discover the 4-Axis Drone Frame for agricultural purpose. This drone frame is perfect for agricultural use and is designed for long-term durability.

GAOTek 4 K Video Quadcopter Drone.

SKU: GAOTek- FPV-117
This 4 K Video Quadcopter Drone has image transmission distance of 0.74 mi (1.2 km), image capture resolution of 4 K and flight time of 25 min.

GAOTek 4-Axis 8-Rotor Wing Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Drone/UAV- Flight Mode

Rated at 48 V, this black metal stack hydrogen fuel cell powers inspection and transportation drones. Versatile flight modes, and long-range capabilities.

GAOTek 4K HD Anti Shaking Camera Drone

SKU: GAOTek -CD-179
This Anti Shaking Camera Drone has control distance of 2.17 mi (3.5 KM), frequency of 2.4 GHz, battery of 11.4 V 3000 mAh and USB interface.

GAOTek 4K PRO Dual Camera with Camera Professional Mini Drone Cameras

SKU: GAOTek -CD-189
This 4K drone features dual 4K has 1080p camera, gesture recognition distance of 3.28 ft to 9.84 ft (1 m to 3 m), control distance of 1.86 mi (3 km).

GAOTek 5-Liter Agricultural Drone Sprayer Entry Level Drone For New Pilot

This drone sprayer is perfect for agricultural work. Our Agricultural Drone Sprayer is efficient, easy to use, and perfect for your next project

GAOTek 5G GPS Drone

This 5G GPS Drone has a 6K HD camera, 2.4 GHz radio control frequency, and a long-lasting 3.7 V 500 mAH battery.

GAOTek 6 Directional Drone

This 6 Directional Drone has an image transmission distance of 6.21 mi, a max flight time of 55 min, and a map transmission of 15 km, 1080 p.  

GAOTek 6K Dual HD Camera GPS Drone

This 6K Dual HD Camera GPS Drone features one key take-off/landing and application control with a camera, remote control, and LED lights.

GAOTek 72 kg 42000 mAh Lipo Batteries Autonomous Flight Sprayer Drone

GAOTek’ s 72 kg 42000 mAh lipo batteries autonomous flight sprayer drone is a robust and powerful agricultural drone specifically designed for spraying operations.

GAOTek 7km Control Range With Camera Drone

With five 480 GB CINESSDs, eight Intelligent Flight Batteries for extended flight time, and the powerful combination of Candence and Crystal Sky, this is all you need for masterful aerial cinematography.

GAOTek 8 G Industrial Tablets And PC’s

This 8 G Industrial Tablets and PC’s has 1280 x 800 Display resolution, 5000 mAh 7.6 V lithium battery, 8 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, and 1.5 W speaker.