Surface Temperature Infrared Thermometers

GAO Tek surface temperature infrared Thermometers are specialized devices designed specifically for measuring the temperature of surfaces without the need for direct contact. These thermometers offer unique benefits, particularly in industrial, manufacturing, and research applications where surface temperatures are critical: non-contact measurement, quick and efficient, versatility across materials, heat source identification, quality control and assurance, energy efficiency audits, preventive maintenance, user-friendly operation and contactless monitoring in sensitive environments.
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GAOTek Body Temperature Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer

GAOTek body temperature infrared non-contact thermometer Integration of face capture, Recognition function, infrared temperature measurement function

GAOTek Hand-Held Infrared Thermometer For Surface Temperature

GAOTek hand-held infrared thermometer for surface temperature of object the infrared temperature sensor can calculate the surface temperature of the object by measuring the infrared radiation intensity emitted by the target without contacting the target

GAOTek High Accuracy Industrial Infrared Thermometer

This High Accuracy Industrial Infrared Thermometer has a response time of ≤5 ms, repeatability of 0.2%, and temperature range of 32 °F to 158 °F (0 °C to 70 °C).

GAOTek Industrial High Temperature Infrared Thermometers

This Industrial High Temperature Infrared Thermometers has an optical resolution of 30:1, emissivity of 0.10 to 1.0, and accuracy of +-1.5%.

GAOTek Industrial Mining Explosion Proof Infrared Thermometer

GAOTek industrial mining explosion proof infrared thermometer is a professional non-contact high-precision infrared temperature detector.

GAOTek Infrared Thermometer for Body Temperature

GAOTek infrared thermometer for body temperature is the human body surface temperature screening instrument.

GAOTek Low Temperature Type Infrared Thermometer

GAOTek low temperature type infrared thermometer is medium-low temperature infrared thermometer.

GAOTek Temperature Optical Pyrometer Infrared Temperature Sensor

GAOTek temperature optical pyrometer infrared temperature sensor As an integrated transmitter infrared thermometer, BYD-FX0A have the integration of the sensor, the optical system and the electronic circuit inside its stainless steel or aluminium alloy shell.

GAOTek Thermocouple Datalogger for Surface Temperature

GAOTek thermocouple datalogger for surface temperature multi-channel temperature meter adopt high performance ARM microprocessor control, can collection multi-channel temperature data at the same time

GAOTek Non- Contact Infrared Thermometer (High Temp)

This Non-Contact High Temperature Infrared Thermometer precisely measures the temperature using its in-built laser point for electrical objects which are not easy to touch or measured using traditional contact thermometers.