High Speed Moisture Analyzers

GAO Tek high speed moisture analyzers are cutting-edge instruments designed for swift and efficient moisture content determination in various materials, our high-speed moisture analyzers offer compelling benefits associated with their high-speed capabilities: rapid results, increased productivity, real-time monitoring, cost savings, streamlined quality control, versatility, reduced waiting time, and enhanced process optimization.
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GAOTek Moisture Meter with Concrete (High Precision, Light Weight)

This Moisture Meter with Concrete (High Precision, Light Weight) is a portable meter with digital display suitable for measuring moisture content of cement board, mud, tiles, walls, floors etc.

GAOTek Paper Moisture Meter with High Precision (Fast Speed)

This Paper Moisture Meter with High Precision(Fast Speed) has wide measurement range and a flat round contact point of 0.2 in (7 mm) which is suitable for measuring the moisture content of the paper.

Moisture Meter for Cotton (Fast Speed/Data Hold)

GAOTek Moisture Meter for Paper measures water contents in materials such as paper, cardboard, paper, carton and pulp with high precision.

GAOTek Moisture Analyzer For Wood Timber (Fast/High Precison)

This portable, compact ‘Moisture Analyzer for Wood Timber (Fast/High Precision)’ can test for more than 100 wood species and comes with an automatic temperature compensation feature

GAOTek Moisture Analyzer for Grain (Fast/High Precision)

This Moisture Grain Meter (Fast/High Precision) measures moisture content in grains such as barley, corn, hay and oat reliably and is useful in the process of allotment, acquisition and storage and machining of packed grains