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ID: 111011tek

ID: 111009tek

ID: 111006tek

ID: 111305tek

This low frequency, thin RFID card is commonly used for such purpose as employee identification, attendance checking, access control and asset tagging.

ID: 111204tek

This low frequency clamshell RFID card is used in a variety of applications such as ticketing, security access control and prepayment devices to name a few.

ID: 111304tek

This 125 kHz clear disc RFID tag is commonly used in the warehouse or anywhere asset tracking is required.

ID: 111201tek

This low frequency (LF) passive clamshell RFID card EM 4450 is waterproof and wallet sized.

ID: 111003Dtek

This easy to use encapsulated RFID tag offers a read range of 2 to 6 cm. It is compliant with EM4100 or other compatible standards.