Ethernet Testers

GAO’s ethernet testers are devices used to test and troubleshoot ethernet network connections. These testers help verify the integrity and performance of ethernet cables, connectors, and network devices such as switches, routers, and network interface cards (NICs). Our ethernet testers are used by network technicians, IT professionals, and system administrators to ensure the proper functioning of ethernet networks. 

GAO’s ethernet testers are composed of a handheld tester unit, LCD screen or display, control buttons or touchscreen interface, ethernet ports or connectors, power source, and cable connectors.  

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GAO-ENET-101 Handheld Gigabit Ethernet Tester

Key Features Compact and durable, specialized for outdoor field test. Fast boot up technology. Support full-duplex 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet data

GAO-ENET-103 Gigabit Ethernet Tester Module for 1G and 10G Packet

Overview GAOTek Gigabit Ethernet Tester Module for 1G and 10G Packet is designed for installation and maintenance of Metro/Carrier Ethernet

GAOTek 10 Gigabit Ethernet Tester

This 10 gigabit ethernet tester has a display of 7 in, Storage Capacity of 8 GB, working time of 4 hrs, and power supply of input 100 AC to 240 AC.

GAOTek ARM Cable Tester

GAOTek ARM cable tester provides a system that measures the exact fault location such as the broken line, cross faults, earthing, poor insulation and poor contact of the lead covered cables as well as plastic cables.

GAOTek ASTM Tester

GAOTek ASTM tester provides analysis instrument for pile integrity testing and monitoring of precast pile driving process.

GAOTek ATT Zone Tester

GAOTek ATT zone measures the length, loss and connection quality of all kinds of optical fibers and cables, and supports engineering construction, line maintenance and testing, emergency repair, and the development and production of optical fibers and cables.

GAOTek Backhaul Ethernet Tester

GAOTek backhaul ethernet tester is a handheld Ethernet backhaul service tester that supports testing for speeds up to 1Gbps.

GAOTek Balance Tester

This Balance Tester has a charging voltage of AC 220V, measuring speed of 80 RPM, standby time of 6 hrs, and display system of 7-in touch display.

GAOTek Cable Fault Tester

GAOTek cable fault tester integrated industrial embedded computer platform, network communications service and USB communication system to improve the utilization of the device.

GAOTek Cable Network Ethernet Testers

This Cable Network Ethernet Testers have a display screen of 5 in, relative humidity of 0% to 95%, and operating temperature of 32° F to 122° F.

GAOTek Cable Tester Ethernet

This Cable Tester Ethernet has 15 hrs standby time, 40 dB dynamic range, 8 hrs test time, 850 nm wavelength, and -70 to 8 OPM test range.

GAOTek Cables Ethernet Tester

This Cables Ethernet Tester has an RF frequency of 1 MHz to 250 MHz, working time of 3.5 hrs, and power supply of 2.4 AH Lithium battery.

GAOTek CAT Network Testers

GAOTek CAT network testers support ethernet systems, measure the speed and performance on CAT 3, CAT 5 e and CAT 6 cables according to ANSI or TIA or EIA-568-B and ISO or IEC 11801 to ensure the cable qualification.

GAOTek Conductivity Ethernet Testers

This Conductivity Ethernet Testers have an input impedance of >1012 Ω, display screen of 2.8 in, and storage temperature of 5° F to 149° F.

GAOTek Ethernet Cable Tester

GAOTek ethernet cable tester provides a comprehensive testing solution for the next-generation network.

GAOTek Ethernet Cable Tester

GAOTek ethernet cable tester is a multi-functional OTDR that adopts a 3.5 in (8.89 cm) color screen.

GAOTek Ethernet Cable Tester

This Ethernet Cable Tester has 5200 mAh lithium battery, 4.3 in (10.92 cm) touch screen display, 20 dB to 24 dB dynamic range, and 95% humidity.

GAOTek Ethernet LAN Network Cable Tester

GAOTek Ethernet LAN Network Cable Tester provides a complete test for next generation Ethernet solution.

GAOTek Ethernet LAN Tester

GAOTek ethernet LAN tester is designed for ethernet systems, this product measures the speed and performance on CAT3, CAT5e and CAT6 cable according to ANSI or TIA or EIA-568-B and ISO or IEC 11801 to ensure the cable qualification.

GAOTek Ethernet Network Analyzer

GAOTek ethernet network analyzer is a handheld 10M or 100M or 1000M gigabit Ethernet tester, used for the Ethernet installation, operation and maintenance services.

GAOTek Ethernet Network Tester

GAOTek ethernet network tester is an upgraded product. In addition to the physical port of 10 M or 100 M or 1000 M or 10 G, and to meet the daily work of maintenance personnel, new built-in WIFI modules settings can make the product run online, thereby further strengthening product functions and optimizing product use.

GAOTek Ethernet Network Tester

GAOTek ethernet network tester is a multi-functional portable comprehensive test platform integrating E 1, V 35, 10 M or 100 M or 1000 M or 10 G ethernet, optical power meter test and other physical interfaces.

GAOTek Ethernet Optical Power Meter

This Ethernet Optical Power Meter has a test range of 10 dBm to -70 dBm, support test of layer 3, certification of RoHS, and wavelength of 1625 nm.

GAOTek Ethernet Optical Power Meter

This ethernet optical power meter has an operating temperature of 32° F to 122° F, battery operation time of 4 hrs, and charging time of 5 hrs.

GAO Tek’s ethernet testers have the following functions: 

  • Cable testing: Our ethernet testers perform continuity tests to ensure all wires within ethernet cables are properly connected, detect wiring faults such as open circuits or crossed wires, and accurately measure cable length for efficient troubleshooting and cable management. 
  • Link testing: GAO’s ethernet testers assess network connectivity by measuring response time (round-trip time) to identify delays, detect packet loss to troubleshoot network congestion or quality issues, and measure throughput to determine the actual data transfer rate, helping identify performance bottlenecks. 
  • Performance testing: Our ethernet testers evaluate network performance by measuring metrics such as bandwidth to ensure it meets desired requirements, measuring the latency to detect delays in data transmission, and measuring jitter to identify variations in latency that may affect real-time applications or voice/video communications. 
  • PoE testing: GAO Tek’s ethernet testers validate power over ethernet (PoE) functionality by detecting power delivery to PoE-enabled devices, ensuring they receive power, and measuring power levels to verify compliance with specified ranges, assisting in troubleshooting power-related issues and ensuring reliable power supply in network deployments. 
  • VLAN testing: Our ethernet testers verify VLAN configurations by checking VLAN tagging to ensure correct addition and recognition of VLAN tags by network devices, validate VLAN membership to ensure devices are assigned to the appropriate VLANs, and verify VLAN trunking to ensure proper transportation of VLAN traffic between switches, enabling proper VLAN segmentation, isolation, and communication within the network. 

GAO Tek’s ethernet testers are rugged, versatile and precision measurement instruments. They comply with applicable industry standards such as TIA/EIA, ISO/IEC, IEEE, ANSI/TIA-568-C, EN, RoHS, FCC, and CE. 

Our ethernet testers help our customers comply with relevant U.S. government regulations such as: 

  • FCC Part 15 (Radio Frequency Devices) 
  • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) 
  • NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) standards  
  • EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) 

GAO Tek’s ethernet testers help our clients in complying with relevant Canadian government regulations such as: 

  • ISED (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) regulations 
  • ICES (Interference-Causing Equipment Standard) 
  • Energy Efficiency Regulations (applicable to power consumption) 

Our ethernet testers have the following applications: 

  • Network installation and verification: GAO’s ethernet testers are used during the initial setup and installation of network infrastructure to verify cable connectivity, test link connections, and ensure proper configuration.  
  • Cable and connectivity testing: Our ethernet testers are used for testing and certifying Ethernet cables, ensuring they meet industry standards and are free from faults or wiring errors. These testers verify cable continuity, detect wiring faults, measure cable length, and identify issues such as open circuits, short circuits, or crossed wires. 
  • Network troubleshooting and diagnostics: GAO Tek’s ethernet testers are valuable tools for troubleshooting network connectivity problems. These devices help identify faulty cables, diagnose link failures, detect network latency issues, and locate network performance bottlenecks.  
  • Performance measurement and optimization: Our ethernet testers enable the measurement of key performance metrics such as bandwidth, latency, and throughput. By evaluating network performance, these testers help identify areas for improvement, optimize network configurations, and ensure efficient data transfer. 
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) testing: GAO’s ethernet testers assist in testing and verifying power over ethernet (PoE) functionality. These devices can detect and measure power levels delivered to PoE-enabled devices, ensuring proper power supply and troubleshooting power-related issues. 

Our ethernet testers can be shipped overnight within the continental U.S. and Canada, and can be shipped globally.