Alarm Enabled Refractometers

GAO Tek alarm-enabled refractometer is a specialized instrument used to measure the refractive index of a substance, typically a liquid, which provides information about its concentration or composition. The alarm-enabled feature includes incorporating an alarm system within the refractometer, enhancing its functionality and usability. Key features and benefits of alarm-enabled refractometers: alarm system integration, real-time monitoring, quality control, user-friendly interface, customizable alarms, data logging and analysis, reduced risk of errors, a wide range of applications, precision, and accuracy.
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GAOTek Coolant Refractometer (High Accuracy, Alarm Function)

This ‘Coolant Refractometer (High Accuracy, Alarm Function)’ is a digital refractometer which accurately measures the freezing point of substances such as propylene/ethylene glycol.

GAOTek Refractometer with Alarm (High Precision, Auto Shut Off)

This portable ‘Refractometer with Alarm (High Precision, Auto Shut Off)’ is designed for clinical applications such as measuring specific gravity of urine, total protein in serum or plasma, and refractive index.

GAOTek Refractometer with Wide Measuring Range (Alarm Function)

This Refractometer with Wide Measuring Range (Alarm Function) is an optical refractometer which measures the brix concentration, refractive index or other parameters.

Refractometer With Alarm (High Resolution/Accuracy)

GAOTek Refractometer with Alarm measures temperature for liquid refraction with high resolution and accuracy and supports alarm for low voltage