GAO Tek presents a full portfolio of electrical testers that include a wide collection of products such as spectrum analyzers, digital oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, logic analyzers, and generators. Our products offer technicians and field professionals the best performance for a variety of electrical testing applications. Electrical testers are commonly used to check AC and DC voltage, continuity, circuit problems, amperage, shorted and open circuit problems, and to make sure the voltages are correct at the electrical panel, within other functionalities.

Electrical Products: A Detailed Description

Functions of Electrical Testers

Our spectrum analyzers are electronic test equipment used for analyzing a system of oscillations, especially sound, into its separate components. We offer a selection of cable & antenna, high performance, and radio frequency spectrum analyzer options.

Our digital oscilloscopes store and analyze the signal digitally and are a common type of electrical test instruments used to capture, analyze, and troubleshoot electrical or real world physical signals. Under this category technicians and field professionals would be able to find a collection of automotive, portable digital and USB PC based oscilloscopes. 

We offer digital multimeters (DMMs), also known as volt-Ohm meters or VOMs, which provide several electronic measurements such as the voltage, current, and resistance within one hand-held device.

Our logic analyzers capture and display multiple signals from a digital system or digital circuit. These devices are commonly used to convert the captured data into timing diagrams, protocol decodes, state machine traces, assembly language, or correlate assembly with source-level software. We offer a selection of function generators for a variety of applications.


GAO Tek´s electrical testers are portable, well constructed, and lightweight. Some of the products can run with any operation system such as MAC OS, Linux, and Windows. Also several of them have gas purging input ports / output ports, built-in cut filters, and speed mode options, which increase the sweep speed. Other products have display sections that are equipped with three basic controls, including a focus knob, an intensity knob, and a beam finder button. Additionally, some of these instruments feature an easy-to-read digital LCD display and automatic zero adjust. Logic analyzers have long capture times and also navigate the data easily, they have features such as debugging source code, and built-in decoding.

Applications and Industries

GAO Tek’s electrical testers are widely used in many industries such as telecommunications, consumer electronics, healthcare, life science/medical research, security, sensing, microscopy, and gas/chemical analysis, environmental monitoring, engineering, and automotive.


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