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Gas Detectors

Inspecting and detecting gas leaks in industrial and/or commercial settings is an important element of maintaining security. GAOTek gas detectors are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. When you choose an industrial-grade GAOTek gas detector, know that you can rely on it to deliver accurate information with real-time readings on how much the concerned gases are in the air, ensuring the safety of your premises and anyone occupying the space is upheld.

Some of the powerful features these gas detectors boast include advanced signal processing, high or low leak sensitivity selectors, a semiconductor gas sensor, a dual flexible stainless probe, reference leak sources, ambient concentration resets, adjustable alarm limits, auto temperature compensation, and auto-calibration in clean air. An added bonus are some gas detectors include a backlit LCD screen to allow for reading even in dim light conditions.

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If you have concerns about your personal safety, or safety on industrial or commercial property, gas detectors can help answer the questions you have about what’s in the air. Inspection and detection devices like these are a necessity in many work environments including in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs, paper mills, shipyards, aircraft building facilities, and wastewater treatment facilities.

There are several activities which could potentially expose workers to toxic gases, including painting, construction, and fuel filling. Prolonged exposure to toxic gases has serious consequences. It’s imperative that such pollutions are identified in real-time so that they can be remedied. Using the industrial gas detectors you’ll find in GAOTek’s inventory, risk can be minimized and preventative measures can be implemented.

Already in use across the US, Canada, and globally, our gas detectors are in the hands of companies small and large assisting them in the detection of toxic gas leaks. An additional application for these gas detectors is also in a control system, used as an alarm to alert operations when a gas leak suddenly becomes present. Browse advanced gas detectors available from GAOTek for sale in Canada, the United States, and internationally.

If you have any questions about our industrial and commercial grade gas detectors or would like a price quote on any of our gas detectors please feel free to contact one of our product experts who would be more than happy to assist you.  Click Here to contact an Expert.


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