E1 Testers

GAO Tek’s E1 testers are specialized testing devices used in telecommunications to test and analyze E1 transmission lines. E1 is a digital transmission format widely used in telecommunications networks to carry voice, data, and signaling information. Our E1 testers are designed to ensure the proper functioning and performance of E1 lines by conducting various tests and measurements. 

GAO Tek’s E1 tester is composed of a test interface, control panel/display, signal generator, signal analyzer, and error detector.   

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GAOTek Battery Capacity Tester

This Battery Capacity Tester Has 0 AH to 1200 AH battery capacity, 5.5 hrs battery life, 5 V open circuit voltage, 60 V DC maximum input voltage.

GAOTek Battery Testing Equipment

GAOTek battery testing equipment is compatible with multi-kind re-changeable batteries, like electric tools batteries, laptop batteries, mobile power bank batteries, DV batteries, Camera batteries, AAA batteries, and so on.

GAOTek DC Resistance Tester

This DC Resistance Tester has a working temperature of -4 °F to 104 °F, ambient humidity of ≤80% RH, and working power supply of AC 220 V ±10%.

GAOTek DDP DPD Capacity Tester

This DDP DPD Capacity Tester has a power supply of 200 V to 240 V AC, voltage scale of 0 V to 4.500 V, and voltage accuracy of 0.1 V to 0.003 V.

GAOTek Digital Insulation Testers For Electrical Equipment

GAOTek digital insulation testers for electrical equipment suitable for insulation resistance testing of cable, motor, generator, transformer, mutual inductor, high voltage switch, arrester and other large equipment.

GAOTek Digital Megohm Meter Insulation Resistance Tester

This digital megohm meter insulation resistance tester has >200 mA test current, 1.2% accuracy, 4000 MΩ measure insulation and 0.00 Ω to 400 Ω range.

GAOTek Digital Torque Tester Handheld Static Torque Tester

GAOTek digital torque tester handheld static torque tester is an intelligent multi-functional measuring instrument which is designed for testing various kinds of bottle lid torque.

GAOTek E1 Battery Conductance Tester

GAOTek E1 battery conductance tester utilizes color touch screen.

GAOTek E1 Gigabit Ethernet Tester

The GAOTek E1 gigabit Ethernet tester is designed and manufactured by OPWILL, which specializes in gigabit Ethernet network deployment and comprehensive testing and is compatible with indoor laboratory and outdoor field environments.

GAOTek E1 Lithium Battery Testers

This E1 Lithium Battery Testers have a battery of 2200 mAh, have a resistance max reading of 3200 and resistance voltage range of 0.0001 V to 60 V. 

GAOTek E1 Optical BER Tester

GAOTek E1 Optical BER Testers are compact, multi-functional, handheld E1 line test instruments, specially designed for installation and maintenance. They feature self-check and keyboard testing, extensive error and alarm generation, detection and indication.

GAOTek E1 Precision Contact Resistance Tester

GAOTek E1 precision contact resistance tester adopts the new technology of the power supply, which can continuously output large current for a long time.

GAOTek E1 Tensiometer Ammeter Tester

GAOTek E1 tensiometer ammeter tester with 320 pixels x 240 pixels TFT LCD, it can test, orient, evaluate and diagnose various flaws such as cracks, lard, air hole in workpiece’s interior swiftly and accurately without any destruction.

GAOTek E1 Tension Measuring Tester

This E1 Tension Measuring Tester has rated temperature of 14 ℉ to 140 ℉, precision grade of 0.5, sensitivity of 1 mV/V, and workload of 2.4 FN. 

GAOTek E1 Tester

This E1 Tester has wavelength of 1310 nm, dynamic range of 22 dB, fiber type of SM, measure distances of 0 km to 60 km, and connector type of FCPC.

GAOTek E1 Tester

GAOTek E1 tester is an intelligent meter of a new generation for the detection of fiber communications systems.

GAOTek E1 Tester

This E1 Tester has temperature range of 14° F to 122° F, internal memory of 4 GB, display of 7 in, and power supply of 100 V to 240 V AC.

GAOTek E1 Tester

This E1 Tester has temperature range of -4° F to -67° F, resolution of 0.05 mA, measured current frequency of 60 Hz, and power source of 6 V DC.

GAOTek E1 Tester

GAOTek E1 tester is used to measure the loop resistance and leakage current of lightning protection devices to judge whether the connection of lightning protection devices is reliable and troubleshoot.

GAOTek E1 Tester

This E1 Tester has a power supply of 3.7 V 2600 mAh, voltage of AC 10 V to 500 kV, transmitting frequency of 433 MHz, and accuracy of ≤±2 Hz.

GAOTek E1 Tester

This E1 Tester has wavelength of 1550 nm, distance resolution of 0.01 m, dynamic range of 26 dB to 45 dB, and loss resolution of 0.001 dB.

GAOTek E1 Tester

This E1 Tester has a display of 5.6 in, dynamic range of 32 dB, resolution of 0.05 m, VFL of 10 mW, sampling point of 12,8000, and battery of 7.4 V.

GAOTek E1 Tester

This E1 Tester has a working temperature of 14° F to 104° F, display mode of 3.5 in true color LCD screen, and measuring range of 10.00 kA.

GAOTek E1 Tester

GAOTek E1 tester is a circuit equipped with phase locked loop and switched capacitor filter, based on which the instrument plays an effective role in shielding power frequency and radio frequency interference.

GAO’s  E1 testers have the following functions: 

  • E1 Line Testing: Our E1 testers allow us to conduct thorough testing of E1 communication lines. We can verify the connectivity, integrity, and quality of the E1 circuits, ensuring they meet the required standards. 
  • Signal Generation: Our E1 testers enable us to generate E1 signals for testing purposes. We can easily generate different signal patterns, including unframed, framed, and multi-frame signals, to assess the performance and behavior of the E1 communication system. 
  • Signal Measurement and Analysis: GAO's E1 testers provide precise measurement and analysis of various parameters of E1 signals. We can accurately measure signal level, frequency, error rate, signal-to-noise ratio, and other relevant metrics to evaluate the quality and performance of the E1 lines. 
  • Error Detection and Analysis: OurE1 testers can detect and analyze errors in E1 communication links. It empowers us to identify errors such as CRC errors, frame errors, bit errors, and other types of anomalies that may affect the integrity of the E1 signals. 
  • Clock Synchronization Testing: GAO Tek's E1 testers allow us to assess the clock synchronization between different E1 devices or systems. We can measure the clock accuracy, jitter, and synchronization status to ensure proper synchronization and timing alignment. 

GAO Tek’s E1 testers help our customers comply with relevant U.S. government regulations such as:   

  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Regulations 
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Guidelines 
  • Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Standards 
  • National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Guidelines 
  • Department of Defense (DoD) Regulations 

GAO Tek’s E1 testers help our clients in complying with relevant Canadian government regulations such as: 

  • Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada (ISED) Regulations 
  • Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Guidelines 
  • Industry Canada (IC) Standards 
  • Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (CCCS) Guidelines 
  • Public Safety Canada (PSC) Regulations 

GAO's E1 testers have the following applications: 

  • E1 Line Testing: Our E1 testers enable us to perform thorough testing and verification of E1 communication lines, ensuring their connectivity, integrity, and quality. 
  • Troubleshooting: GAO'Tek E1 testers identify and diagnose issues in E1 links, such as signal loss, noise, distortion, or synchronization problems. 
  •  Maintenance and Quality Assurance: Our E1 testers are used in maintaining and assuring the performance and integrity of E1 networks through regular testing and quality assurance procedures. 
  • Protocol Analysis: Our E1 testers offer advanced protocol analysis capabilities, allowing us to monitor and analyze protocol signals on E1 lines, detecting anomalies or errors.  

Our E1 testers can be shipped overnight within the continental U.S. and Canada and can be shipped globally.