Milli Ohmmeters

GAO Tek milli ohmmeters are specialized instruments tailored for measuring low resistances in the milli-ohm range. Our devices offer benefits such as enhanced sensitivity, precise readings, and suitability for applications requiring accurate measurement of small resistances. Ideal for tasks in electronics, power distribution, and automotive industries where milli-ohm values are crucial. The milli ohmmeters’ capabilities enable professionals to achieve accurate results in challenging conditions. With their specific focus on milli-ohm measurements, these instruments empower users to ensure the reliability and efficiency of electrical systems, making them valuable tools for precision tasks in diverse industrial settings.
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GAOTek Portable DC Milliohm Resistance Meter Test Instruments At518L

GAOTek handheld DC milliohm meter is a high-performance instrument that utilizes a 32-bit ARM processor to ensure accurate and reliable measurements.

GAOTek Milliohm Meter With Auto Shutdown (Internal, Manual Trigger)

This Handheld Milliohm Meter with Auto shutdown adopts high-performance 32-bit ARM processor which works with high accuracy for a wide measurement range from 10 uΏ to 20 MΏ.

Milliohm Meter with Data Hold (Battery Identity Test)

This Milliohm with Data hold battery tester analyzes the degradation of the battery by testing the internal resistance and voltage ranging from 0.1 mΩ to 200 Ω, 0 - 50 V DC voltage.

Handheld Milliohm Meter (Four Terminal Measurement)

This Handheld AC Milliohm Meter with Four Terminal Measurement is designed as low-resistance meter and a voltmeter with a wide resistance measurement range from 0.01mΩ to 2kΩ and is suitable for assembly line tests for all kinds of batteries