Rugged pH Meters

GAO Tek’s rugged pH meters are designed for durability and reliability in harsh conditions. Our rugged pH meter is a durable and robust instrument designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions and harsh usage scenarios. The emphasis on ruggedness in these pH meters makes them particularly suitable for fieldwork, industrial settings, and outdoor applications. Some key features and benefits of our rugged pH meters include durability, reliability, versatility, and longevity.
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GAOTek pH ORP Meter Analyzer and pH Controller

GAOTek pH ORP Meter Analyzer and pH Controller with Dosing in Wastewater is an advanced instrument designed for comprehensive monitoring and control of pH and ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) levels in wastewater treatment processes.

GAOTek pH Sensor for Water Laboratory

GAOTek pH Sensor is a reliable and accurate pH meter designed for water laboratory applications.

GAOTek Portable Soil Tester pH

GAOTek soil tester pH adopts the latest digital integrated circuit technology and international detection technology to design a new intelligent handheld detector.

PH and ORP Controller with High Accuracy (Light Weight)

Key Features Specifications Key Features Used for applications such as water treatment and monitoring, galvanic-decontamination, chemical processing, Wastewater control and

PH Meter with ORP and Conductivity Range (Data Storage, Accurate)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features Optional 5 kinds of PH buffer solution can make 1-3 points automatic calibration Can

GAOTek PH Controller with 3 Points Calibration (Reset Function)

This PH Controller with 3 Points Calibration (Reset Function) is designed for monitoring the pH of liquids in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and food industries.