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Fiber Products

GAOTek offers a wide selection of fiber optic cable testers and test equipment which include OTDRs, optical fiber rangers and identifiers, fiber optic light sources and fault locators, fusion splicing equipment, optical talk sets and much more for sale to the United States and Canada.

Everything you need to build, maintain and repair a fiber optic cable network is available at GAOTek.  Our high quality but affordable fiber optic cable testers and test equipment is designed to be rugged and portable for everyday field use and highly accurate to ensure the best result possible in the quickest time.

Our optical test equipment is used by companies and technicians all over the world and all our products are available to ship globally.   If you have any questions about any of our fiber optic testers and equipment please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts.

Functions of Fiber Optic Instruments

Our OTDR & locators category presents a variety of products that includes OTDRs, OTDR with VFL, fault locators, optical finder identifiers, and optical fiber rangers. Optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) are critical instruments utilized by associations to confirm the execution of new fiber optics interfaces and distinguish issues with existing fiber links. OTDR testers with VFL are the upgraded versions of testers for the detection of fiber communications systems. The OTDRs with VFL are generally used to affirm new fiber establishments, inspect fibers, and find faults in sending fiber optic systems. Visual fault locators are designed for fiber tracing, fiber direction-finding and continuity checking in optical networks during and after installation. Optical visual fault locators can locate sharp bends, breaks or damages in fibers, conduct end-to-end continuity tests, perform fiber tracing and identification. Optical fiber identifiers are reliable devices that identify the presence of signals on optical fibers. They are designed to assure that live fibers are not disconnected and provide the capability to trace fibers from end to end. On the other hand, optical fiber rangers are used in optical fiber links troubleshooting, maintenance, and test.

The splicers category presents products such as digital fusion splicers and fiber fusion splicers. Fusion splicers are devices, which use electric arc, laser, or gas flame to join the two ends of the fibers by melting them to form one single long fiber. These devices utilize both high-speed image processing and special precision positioning technologies.

Our meters category presents a selection of products that includes optical power meters, fiber optic multimeters, PON power meters, and fiber loss testers. Fiber optic multimeters are used to measure absolute or relative optical power losses through a length of fiber optical powers. In fiber optic systems, the optical power measurements are basic, similar to electronics in fiber optical multimeters. PON optical power meters are designed to measure continuous levels of light from the source. These devices are widely used in APON, BPON, EPON and GPON network measurements. Fiber loss testers are smart handheld testing devices, which combine functions of light sources, power meters, and VFLs. These testers are able to automatically/manually identify wavelengths coming into the power meter from the light source and set them as the current test wavelength.

Our sources & attenuators category includes products such as optical attenuators, laser sources, light sources, and visible laser sources. Optical attenuators are utilized to reduce or balance the power of the light transmitted from one device to another device. Attenuators are usually used when the light arriving at the receiver is too high, thus, it may overpower the receiving systems. Fiber optic light sources are designed to transmit signals from one place to another. Visible laser sources empower technicians to isolate light leaks or breaks in both single-mode and multimode link. They additionally distinguish micro-bends, macro-bends, poor splices, and split connectors.

Our switches & converters category carries products such as fast fiber converters, fiber switches, and gigabit fiber converters. Fast fiber converters connect UTP coppers to fibers. They give a conservative way to develop the separation of a current system. Fiber switches utilize physical layers innovation to execute media change. These devices offer two sorts of media systems and they can directly share transformation between the 1000Base-T bent pair electrical sign and 1000Base-SX/LX optical sign. Fiber switches utilize physical layers innovation to execute media change. These devices offer two sorts of media systems and they can directly share transformation between the 1000Base-T bent pair electrical sign and 1000Base-SX/LX optical sign.


GAO Tek´s fiber optic instruments are portable, high quality and affordable products. They are concise, compact, and light in weight. Some of them have a touchscreen with multiple touch gestures features and the results can be immediately uploaded to PC via different channels. Additionally, several products can be interfaced with VGA and USB which can be used for further software up gradation as well. These devices have a quick-start operation which eliminates the warm-up and boot-up time. Moreover, their auto power-saving design makes them more reliable.

Applications and Industries

Some common applications of fiber optic instruments are telecom maintenance, CATV maintenance, comprehensive cable construction systems, optical instruments research and development, optical communication training, and optical fiber network installation. There are eight subcategories of fiber optical instruments; these are fiber splicers, light sources, optical fiber identifiers, optical telephones, OTDRs, power meters, variable optical attenuators, and visual fault series. Most of these products are intended for use in both single mode and double mode fiber operations.

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