Automotive Infrared Thermometer

GAO Tek automotive infrared thermometer is a specialized temperature measurement device designed for use in the automotive industry. It utilizes infrared technology to measure the surface temperature of various automotive components. Our thermometers are equipped with sensors that detect the infrared radiation emitted by an object and convert it into temperature readings. Key features and benefits of automotive infrared thermometers: non-contact measurement, fast and accurate readings, versatility, preventive maintenance, safety, user-friendly, efficient troubleshooting, and remote sensing.
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GAOTek High performance Industrial Digital Infrared Thermometer

SKU: GAOTek-ITI -106
Features Measuring temperature range is wide Simple operation and reliable in use Glass, plastic Hot-pressing sintering Widely used in steel

GAOTek WiFi Infrared Portable Thermal Imaging Industry Thermometer

SKU: GAOTek-ITI -109
Features Full color screen, allows for detailed showing of infrared generated images Visible image resolution, high definition of images 5

GAOTek Non- Contact Infrared Thermometer (High Temp)

This Non-Contact High Temperature Infrared Thermometer precisely measures the temperature using its in-built laser point for electrical objects which are not easy to touch or measured using traditional contact thermometers.