Professional Sound Level Meters

GAO Tek professional sound level meters are advanced instruments designed for accurate and comprehensive measurement of sound levels in various environments. The term professional underscores the high-performance features and capabilities tailored for professionals in acoustics, environmental monitoring, occupational safety, and related fields. Here are the benefits associated with our professional sound level meters: high measurement accuracy, wide measurement range, frequency weighting options, time weighting options, octave band analysis, data logging and storage, real-time analysis, environmental noise assessments, occupational safety compliance, and comprehensive reporting.
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GAOTek Sound Level Meter with Wide Frequency Range (Accurate, Type 2)

This Sound Level Meter with Wide Frequency Range (Accurate, Type 2)  from 31.5 Hz ~ 8.5 KHz  is designed to measure sound pressure level in decibel(dB) which is widely used in sound quality control.

GAOTek Sound Level Calibrator with Large Storage (Autorange Selection)

This Sound Level Calibrator with Large Storage (Auto range Selection) can memorize 30 groups of measurement results and designed to measure the noise level of environment, machinery, vehicles, ships etc.

GAOTek Sound Level Calibrator (Sensitivity Calibration)

This portable Sound Level Calibrator (Sensitivity Calibration) is used for quick and easy sensitivity calibration of sound level meters and can give output level of sound pressure at 94 dB or 114 dB.

Sound Level Meter with Noise Meter (High level Detector)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features Measure % Noise Dose / Exposure Time / Sound Level Real time clock with

Sound Level Meter with AC and DC Function (Auto Ranging)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features Sound level Range:30 to 130dB(Auto Ranging) Frequency weighting: A/C Fast/Slow time weighting selection 32000

Sound Level Meter with Wild Measurement Range (Portable)

GAOTek Infrared Thermometer supports non contact design, supports low and high temp alarm setup function.