AC/DC Clamp Meters
GAO Tek AC/DC clamp meters are versatile electrical measurement tools used to measure both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) in electrical circuits. These devices incorporate a hinged jaw, or clamp, which can be opened and clamped around a conductor without the need to disconnect it from the circuit. This design allows for non-contact measurements, enhancing safety and convenience for electricians and technicians. Key features of AC clamp meters include dual functionality, being non-invasive, versatile, easy-to-use, accurate, compact, multifunctional, and time-efficient.
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GAOTek AC/DC Clamp Meter

SKU: GAOTek-CM-101
GAOTek AC/DC clamp meter is a high-quality AC/DC clamp meter manufactured in Japan.

GAOTek Clamp Meter Digital Multimeter

SKU: GAOTek-CM-102
GAOTek clamp meter digital multimeter is a 3 3/4 digits (4000 counts) auto range digital leakage current clamp meter

GAOTek Digital AC DC Earth Multi-Meter Clamp Meter For Test Leakage Current And Ground Resistance

GAOTek Digital AC DC Earth Multi-meter Clamp Meter for Test Leakage Current and Ground Resistance is designed to detect, record, and measure earth leakage currents with a resolution down to 0.01mA.

GAOTek Digital Clamp Multimeter Current AC/DC Voltage Resistance Earthing Current Testers

SKU: GAOTek-CM-103
GAOTek digital clamp multimeter current AC/DC voltage resistance earthing current testers is a versatile digital clamp multimeter that offers a wide range of measurement capabilities.

GAOTek RMS AC/DC Power Clamp With VFD Mode Digital Clamp Meter

GAOTek RMS AC/DC Power Clamp with VFD Mode digital clamp meter is engineered with advanced power analysis and variable frequency drive (VFD) filtering functions required by electrical troubleshooters.

GAOTek AC and DC Clamp Meter with Integral Test

This AC and DC clamp meter is specially designed for measuring AC/DC current and leakage current with modern CT technology and digital integration technology.

GAOTek AC/DC Clamp Meter with Non-Contact Measurement

This highly accurate AC and DC clamp meter with non-contact measurement is specially designed for measuring AC/DC current, leakage current, and repairing the car circuit leakage up to 600 V line voltage

GAOTek AC/DC Clamp Meter with On-Line Monitoring

This clamp meter with AC and DC Current enables measurement of online AC/DC leakage currents whose voltage is below 600 V.

Oscilloscope with Scope Meter (Data Storage)

This professionally engineered Oscilloscope with Scope Meter (Data Storage), comes with a large digital display for easy viewing and delivers accurate and precise measurement