pH Meters with Three Point Calibration

GAO Tek’s pH meters with three-point calibration are advanced devices designed to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a solution with enhanced precision. Three-point calibration involves adjusting the pH meter using three standard buffer solutions, each with a known pH value strategically chosen to cover a broad pH range. Some key features and benefits of our pH meters with three-point calibration include extended range coverage, increased accuracy and precision, optimized performance for complex samples, enhanced sensitivity to electrode characteristics, and advanced quality control.
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GAOTek PH Controller with 3 Points Calibration (Reset Function)

This PH Controller with 3 Points Calibration (Reset Function) is designed for monitoring the pH of liquids in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and food industries.

GAOTek PH Meter with mV/Temp ( Temp. Compensation, 3 Point Calib)

This PH Meter with mV/Temp (Temp. Compensation, 3 Point Calib) is designed using 3 point calibration for high accuracy measurements and supports automatic temperature compensation over the complete pH range from -1.00 pH ~ 15.00 pH.