GAOTek’s environmental testers measure parameters such as humidity, temperature, wind speed or velocity, wind direction, air quality, electromagnetic waves, ionizing radiation and more. Environmental testers are used in instances from climate monitoring to occupational health and safety (OHS) applications.

Our environmental testers can collect data from their immediate surroundings and can also function as a data logger for long term data collecting and storing.  They are ruggedly designed for industrial and commercial uses and available for sale in the USA, Canada and globally.

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This Ultraviolet Light Meter with UVA and UVB (LSI-Circuit) is a professional, high quality UV light meter which accurately measures UVA and UVB radiations in the 280 nm to 380 nm range
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This Thermocouple Thermometer with Four Inputs (Data Logger) supports K, J, E and T types thermocouple probes and holds 16,000 records each channel DataLogger.
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This Thermocouple Thermometer with K/J/E/T Types (Data Logger) is designed by input isolation protection upto 250 V AC and built-in Data Logger function which holds 16,000 records in each channel.
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GAO Tek Thermocouple Calibrator calibrates thermocouple measuring with optional temperature unit select.