Hydrogen sulfide is highly flammable, explosive, and instantaneously toxic upon exposure to human beings. Unfortunately, it’s a gas that is created across many different industries and from numerous applications. Iron smelters, landfills, food processing plants, and breweries all either produce or use hydrogen sulfide in some way. These are work environments where a hydrogen sulfide gas detector is necessary.

GAOTek hydrogen sulfide gas detectors are everything a professional in the field needs to accurately detect the gas. Affordable and durable in even tough and rugged environments, hydrogen sulfide detectors like GAOTek’s also come with a handful of important features including precision wide-range gas measurements, light alarms, sound alarms, immediate danger notification, built-in sampling pumps, extendable probes, and data recording.

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H2S is a common ingredient in nuclear power plants where it is used to produce ‘heavy water’, an alternative to regular water which enables nuclear reactors to use uranium fuel instead of enriched uranium. Hydrogen sulfide is also used as an agricultural disinfectant by farmers across the United States, Canada, and around the world. Needless to say, hydrogen sulfide is a part of many work environments.

Areas where a hydrogen sulfide leak is a risk, a gas detector is required. Oil and gas drilling and refining companies, pulp and paper mills, and waste water treatment plants all use hydrogen sulfide gas detectors to monitor their work settings. Although colorless, it is not odorless as it has a characteristic ‘rotten egg’ smell. Unfortunately, the more one’s exposed to hydrogen sulfide, the more their sense of smell gets used to it and eventually, one is unable to detect its presence.

On exposure, hydrogen sulfide reacts with the enzymes in the blood stream associated with cell respiration. High concentrations of the gas can completely shut off the lungs while lower levels can burn the respiratory tract and cause swelling. A GAOTek hydrogen sulfide detector will protect against any leaks, risks, or hazards. Get yours today.

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GAOTek Gas Detector for Hydrogen Sulfide detects concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas, records data, and supports sound and light alarm.

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