Rugged Polarimeters

GAO Tek’s Rugged polarimeters refer to a specific category of GAO Tek’s polarimetry instruments that are designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions and harsh operating environments. These instruments are constructed with durable materials and built to endure physical stress, making them suitable for use in field applications, industrial settings, and other demanding conditions. The emphasis on ruggedness ensures that our polarimeters can maintain their accuracy and functionality even in challenging situations. Benefits and key features of rugged Polarimeters: durability, field-ready, weather resistance, portability, extended lifespan, versatility, and user-friendly.
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GAOTek Auto Polarimeter Refractometer

GAOTek Auto polarimeter refractometer is an automatic digital instrument that can measure the sugar content of aqueous solutions.

GAOTek Biobased Sodium Lamp Digital Polarimeter

GAOTek Biobased Sodium Lamp Digital Polarimeter is a sophisticated instrument designed to precisely measure optical and specific rotation in various industries.

GAOTek Laboratory Digital Disc Polarimeter

GAOTek Laboratory Digital Disc Polarimeter with LED Light Source is a specialized instrument designed for precise optical rotation measurement in laboratory settings.