Gloss Meters with Data Logging

GAO Tek’s Gloss meters are devices used to measure the gloss or shininess of a surface. They are commonly employed in automotive, coatings, printing, and manufacturing industries to ensure product quality and consistency. Gloss is a key visual attribute of surfaces, and its measurement is crucial for maintaining product aesthetics and meeting quality standards. Gloss meters with data logging functionality take the gloss measurement process further by incorporating the ability to record and store measurement data over time. The benefits of gloss meters with data logging are continuous monitoring, quality control, process optimization, historical analysis, documentation compliance, and reporting.
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GAOTek Digital 20 60 85 Degree Multi Angles Gloss Meter

SKU: GAOTek- GMS-105
GAOTek Gloss meters are mainly used in surface gloss measurement for paint, plastic, metal, ceramics, building materials, etc

GAOTek Gloss Meter Digital Portable Rechargeable

SKU: GAOTek-GM-108
GAOTek Gloss Meter features All kinds of coating and finishing surfaces, such as paints, varnishes, printing ink, etc.

GAOTek Gloss Meter Economic 60deg Angle

GAOTEK Gloss Meter features are manufactured according to ISO2813 and GB/T 9754

GAOTek Gloss Meter for Paint Plastic Paper Surface

SKU: GAOTek-GM-106
GAOTek Gloss Meter features is a handheld gloss meter with measuring range of 0-200  GU.

GAOTek Gloss Meter with Angle Degree

SKU: GAOTek-GM-109
GAOTek Gloss Meter features is with 20, 60 and 85 ° angle, manufactured according to ISO2813 and GB/T 9754.