Industrial Thickness Gauges

GAO Tek industrial thickness gauges are specialized instruments designed for measuring the thickness of materials in various industrial applications., the emphasis on “industrial” underscores the robustness, reliability, and suitability of these gauges for use in demanding industrial environments. key features and benefits of industrial thickness gauges include: durable construction, versatility, continuous monitoring, integrated display and controls, adaptation to harsh environments, quality control, reduced downtime, non-destructive testing (NDT), compatibility with various measurement technologies, and integration with industrial processes.
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GAOTek Accuracy Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

SKU: GAOTek-TG-107
GAOTek Application Used for measuring thickness and corrosion of pressure vessels, chemical equipment, boilers, oil storage tanks, etc. in industries of petroleum, shipbuilding, power station, and machine manufacturing.

GAOTek Depth Thickness Gauge

SKU: GAOTek-TG-123
GAOTek Depth Thickness Gauge is a type of portable measuring gauge, capable of measuring rapidly, nondestructively, and precisely the thickness of coating and cladding material.

Coating Thickness Gauge Min. Sample Thickness (Large Range)

This Coating Thickness Gauge Min. Sample Thickness (Large Range) is designed by complex and advanced technology for both ferrous and non-ferrous substrate materials with large measuring range of  0 ~ 1250 um.