Lab-Grade Colorimeters

GAO Tek lab-grade colorimeters are precision instruments specifically designed for color measurement applications in laboratory settings. Our devices offer high levels of accuracy and reliability, making them well-suited for research, quality control, and scientific analysis. Here are our key points emphasizing the benefits of lab-grade colorimeters: high precision and accuracy, standardized color spaces, a wide range of applications, customization and calibration, spectral data analysis, quantitative color data, quality assurance in manufacturing, traceability, and documentation, comparative color analysis, and reliability in long-term use.
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GAOTek Laboratory True Color Colorimeter Testing Machine

Discover precision with GAOTek Laboratory Color Colorimeter. Accurate Lab data, LED light source, touch screen, wide data storage. Learn more about its features, and specifications.

GAOTek Microcomputer Automatic Operation Haze Colorimeter

Efficiently measure material haze with GAOTek Microcomputer Colorimeter. Automated operation, accurate results. Explore now!

GAOTek Portable Colorimeter For Diamond Optical Instruments Analysis

Discover GAOTek’s Portable Diamond Colorimeter (GAOTek-CTI-111) for Precious Metal Analysis. Fast, accurate results in seconds. Compact, intelligent design.

GAOTek Precision Colorimeter

Our GAOTek Precision Colorimeter is perfect for those who need accurate color measurement. Simultaneous measurement of specular reflection (real color) and specular excluded (surface color) is possible.

GAOTek Testing Instrument COD Colorimeter

Get a breakdown of what the GAOTek Testing Instrument COD Colorimeter can do. This COD Colorimeter is perfect for any application that requires accurate and reliable COD measurements.

Whiteness Meter with Standard Plate (High-Efficiency Circuit)

Key Features Adopt the quality imported & original components, with the high-efficiency & low-spoilage circuit, and with the good reliability

Colorimeter with Built-In White Plate (Double Locating)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features Double Locating: Illuminating and precise cross locating Built-in white plate parameters Switchable double measurement