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Ozone Gas Detectors

Oxygen is in the air we breathe every day, at a rate of 21 percent oxygen approximately. It’s one of the most common molecules in nature on Earth. It’s stable in its diatomic form, known as O2. As oxygen moves to its triatomic form, meaning when it is using three oxygen atoms to form its gas, this is ozone.

Unlike oxygen, ozone is visible and usually has a light blue color at extremely high concentrations. That said, at lower levels, it is colorless. Ozone thankfully has a distinct odor usually noticeable at low levels and is typically associated with scents in commercial cleaning. At higher levels, the smell turns pungent.

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Ozone is a very unstable gas which decomposes to oxygen naturally and is highly reactive. Organic materials, surfaces, dust, oils, plastics, and people can all cause ozone to react. Using an ozone gas detector, you can thankfully accurately monitor an environment for ozone to ensure no one’s put at risk.

Exposure to ozone gas can be extremely irritating to the upper and lower respiratory tract. The eyes and mucous membranes are at immediate risk. Individuals with repeated exposures can develop a tolerance however as most effects are acute, this does not prevent them from health risks or damage. If your ozone gas detector identifies a safety risk, open doors and windows for ventilation, remove all people from the environment, and seek immediate medical attention for anyone experiencing breathing difficulties.

High quality ozone gas detectors are available from GAOTek for use in Canada, the United States, and globally. See accurate readings in the field on any of our portable, durable devices. GAOTek prides itself on our quality of product, able to detect ozone gas changes alongside features like precision wide-range gas measurements, built-in calibrators, light and sound alarms for immediate danger notification, extendable probes, and data recording. Browse GAOTek ozone detectors to minimize risk and maximize safety on-site today.f

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