Vibration Meters with Data Logging

GAO Tek vibration meters with data logging capabilities are specialized devices designed to measure and record vibration data over time. Our meters play a crucial role in monitoring the health and performance of machinery and structures by capturing and storing vibration information for analysis. Following are the key features of our vibration meters with data logging: historical analysis, predictive maintenance, troubleshooting and diagnostics, comprehensive condition monitoring, event correlation, baseline establishment, regulatory compliance and reporting, remote monitoring, and user-friendly interface.
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GAOTEK Handheld low Frequency Vibrometer

GAOTEK Handheld Low-Frequency Vibrometer is a portable device used for measuring and analyzing low-frequency vibrations.

GAOTEK Industrial Vibration Meter Probe

GAOTEK Industrial Vibration Meter Probe handheld vibration testers are capable of measuring displacement, velocity, and acceleration in rotating and reciprocating machinery.

GAOTEK Vibration Digital Tuning Fork Liquid Density Meter for Fuel Oil

GAOTEK insertion density meter could apply the on-line density testing. It could be applied in the product process controlling based on the basic parameters of density, or the mass controlling system as the solid percentage or the concentration for references.

GAOTek Vibration Meter With Data Storage (Auto Power Off)

This Vibration Meter with Data Storage (Auto Power Off) can stores 1999 groups of data and widely used in Industrial measurement such as Machine manufacturing, electric power and metallurgy etc.