GAOTek’s radiation meters are designed to be used in commercial and industrial environments.  They can inspect personnel, equipment and facilities for radioactive contamination.  They help by measuring the emissions of certain radiation particles. It can also measure external or ambient ionizing radiation fields to assess the direct exposure hazard.

GAOTek provides advanced radiation meters that are multi-purpose instruments that can detect radioactive contamination. GAOTek’s radiation meters are superior in terms of quality and accurate readings. GAOTek’s extensive line offers users an effective, efficient radiation measurement process for industrial and commercial uses.

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This Radiation Meter with Data Lock (Dual-Mode Measure) is a radiation survey meter that can test electric field radiation and magnetic field emission with the sampling rate of 5 Hz-3500 MHz.
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This Light Weight Radiation Meter (X, γ and Hard-β Rays) is designed for radiation pollution detection with the radiation equivalent dose rate (EDR) from 0.01 µSv/h  to 10000 µSv/h.
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This Radiation Meter with Wide Measuring Range (Data Storage) is designed to measure х, γ radiation doses or rate in the range of 0.01 µSv/h ~ 500.00 µSv/h.
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This Radiation Meter with Wide Measuring Range (High Speed) is designed to measure personal gamma and X-ray radiation equivalent dose rate in the range of 0.01 µSv/h ~ 10 mSv/h.