Benchtop Anemometers

GAO Tek Benchtop anemometers are specialized instruments designed for precise and controlled measurements of air or gas flow in laboratory or research settings. Our anemometers are typically placed on a workbench or laboratory bench for accurate and repeatable measurements. Here are key features and benefits of our benchtop anemometers: precision measurement, stability and reproducibility, customization for specific applications, integration with other instruments, advanced sensor technologies, real-time monitoring and data logging, non-intrusive measurements, safety and containment, and educational and training purposes.
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GAOTek Anemometer Directional Wind Speed Sensor

Features High precision low wind speed measurement, optional omnidirectional or directional wind speed probe Simultaneous measurement of wind speed and

GAOTek Anemometer for Wind Speed and Direction – Automatic / Manual Heating Function

GAOTek Anemometer for Wind Speed and Direction. Automatic/manual heating function for marine use, meets ISO standards. High precision, accurate, durable, and versatile.

GAOTek Digital Anemometer

Features High-definition character liquid crystal display screen with friendly man-machine interface High wind speed, high measuring precision of wind direction,