Transducer Calibrated Flaw Detectors

GAO Tek’s transducer-calibrated flaw detectors are advanced non-destructive testing instruments that offer precise flaw detection with the distinct advantage of transducer calibration. The benefits include accurate and reliable calibration specific to the transducer being used, ensuring optimal performance and precise measurements. This feature enhances the overall accuracy of flaw detection results, providing confidence in the assessment of material integrity. Transducer calibration contributes to consistency in inspections, reducing variability and enhancing the reproducibility of results. These flaw detectors are well-suited for applications where precise and standardized measurements are critical, such as in quality control, structural assessments, and manufacturing processes.
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GAOTek Metal Testing Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

This metal testing ultrasonic flaw detector has automated calibration of transducer, Vertical linearity ≤3%, and Frequency range 0.5 MHz to 20 MHz.

GAOTek Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

This Ultrasonic Flaw Detector has automated gain, Peak Hold and Peak Memory, Material Velocity of 1000 m/s to 15000 m/s, and Gain 0 dB to 130 db.

Flaw Detector with RS232 and USB Port (Embedded Software)

Key Features Specifications Key Features Automated transducer calibration with Zero offset and /or velocity Automated gain with Peak Hold and