Flue Gas Analyzers

GAO Tek flue gas analyzers are specialized instruments designed to measure and analyze the composition of gases emitted from combustion processes, particularly those in industrial settings, power plants, and heating systems. The term flue refers to the duct or pipe through which combustion byproducts, including flue gases, are expelled from a furnace, boiler, or other combustion devices. Here are the benefits of using flue gas analyzers efficient combustion monitoring, emission control, safety monitoring, energy efficiency improvement, preventive maintenance, optimization of combustion processes, real-time monitoring, environmental stewardship, comprehensive gas analysis, and cost savings.
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GAOTek 16 in 1 Gas Analyzer

GAOTek 16 in 1 Gas Analyzer, using modular detection unit technology, configured with single gas sensor or multiple gas sensors, customers can choose single gas or multiple gas sensors, up to 16 kinds of gas can be detected. S360 has a clear LCD touch screen and alarm function to ensure that toxic gases can also be detected and remind operators to prevent in harsh working conditions.

GAOTek Cems Continuous Emmision Online Flue Gas Analyzer

The GAOTek Continuous Emmision Online Flue Gas Aanalyzer based on UV absorption spectroscopy and chemometric algorithms to measure SO2, NOx, O2, NH3, Cl2, O3, H2S and other gases concentration, with high accuracy, high reliability, fast response time, wide application and other characteristics.

GAOTek Portable UV Flue Gas Analyzer For So2, No, No2, Co, CO2, O2

GAOTek Gas Analyzers  is mainly composed by monitoring unit of gaseous pollutants (SO2, NOX, CO, CO2), monitoring unit of flue gas parameters (e.g., oxygen content), data collection & processing unit.

GAOTek Wireless Flue Gas Analyzer

GAOTek Wireless Flue Gas Analyzer is a cost effective & versatile emissions monitoring solution.