Wireless Hygrometers

GAO Tek wireless hygrometers utilize cutting-edge technology to measure and transmit humidity data without physical connections. Emphasizing their wireless capability brings forth several key benefits: remote monitoring, and ease of installation. flexible placement, scalability, reduced maintenance, real-time alerts, and data accessibility.
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GAOTek High Precision Digital Thermometer Hygrometer with Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensors

GAOTek’s thermometer is a new type of temperature and humidity transmitter that uses high-quality capacitive digital sensors.

GAOTek Smart Digital Hygrometer/ Humidity Meter Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Barometer with Pressure Datalogger

Gaotek’s smart digital meter is reliable and accurate humidity temperature meter with the measuring humidity range of 0 to 100%RH by using a new developed humidity sensor.

GAOTek Thermo Hygrometer

GAOTek Thermo Hygrometer is a cutting-edge device that offers precise temperature and humidity measurements via a bendable probe head.

GAOTek Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Humidity Hygrometer Temperature

GAOTek Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Humidity Hygrometer Temperature is a feature-rich “Wireless Indoor Outdoor LCD Display” designed to provide comprehensive temperature and humidity monitoring.