GAOTek Ammonia Gas Monitoring Detector

GAOTek Ammonia Gas Monitoring Detector is a high-tech Gas quality monitor to measure the Ammonia Gas (NH3) using imported high precision electrochemical principal formaldehyde sensor, single-chip microcomputer technology and high visibility dot matrix LCD.

GAOTek Gas Leak Monitoring Portable Ammonia Gas Meter detector

SKU: GAOTek- AGD-113
Features Imported sensors using electrochemistry Sensors: oxygen, carbon monoxide, combustibles, hydrogen sulfide or sulfur dioxide Vibration alarm with red flashing

GAOTek Portable Ammonia Gas Leak Detector

GAOTek portable single gas detector can make continuous detection to combustible and toxic gases.

GAOTek Portable Ammonia Measuring Gas Leak Detector

SKU: GAOTek- AGD-117
GAOTek Portable Ammonia Measuring  Gas Leak Detector is a new type of detector for detecting gas leakage from the gas pipelines, gas valve, and other possible places.

GAOTek Portable Multi Gas Detector

GAOTek portable multi gas detector adopts imported high performance sensor, is an intelligent high-performance detection alarm that can continuously detect and monitor volatile organic compounds VOC, TVOC, combustible gases, toxic and harmful gases and with function of people falling alarm.

Ammonia NH3 Gas Detector (Zero Calibration, Waterproof)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features Monitoring of the environment, or the concentration of formaldehyde in a confined space and