Pressure Anemometers 

GAO Tek pressure anemometers are specialized instruments designed to measure airspeed by assessing the pressure generated by air movement. Our anemometers operate on the principle that as air flows through a tube or probe, the resulting pressure changes can be correlated with the wind speed. Here are the key features and benefits of pressure anemometers: direct measurement of wind speed, suitability for various environments, high accuracy, durability, dynamic response, minimal moving parts, applicability in research, integration with data logging systems, wide range of measurement, and cost-effective solutions.
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GAOTek Air Velocity Digital Anemometer

GAOTek Air Velocity Digital Anemometer is a convenient tool to measure instantaneous flow velocity.

GAOTek Handheld Thermal Anemometer

GAOTek Handheld Thermal Anemometer is a portable and user-friendly device used for precise measurement of air velocity and temperature in various applications.

GAOTek High Accuracy Hot Wire Anemometer

GAOTek hot wire anemometer is a highly accurate air velocity meter designed for various applications. Its advanced sensor technology and ergonomic design ensure precise measurements of wind speed in different units, making it ideal for HVAC, environmental monitoring, and indoor air quality assessments.

GAOTek High Precision Wire Digital Anemometer

Features The slim sensor allows operation in small space and the extended handle can be used for more limited occasion

GAOTek Industrial Anemometer Wind Speed Sensor

Features Internal temperature compensation Piezoelectric principle Ultrasonic measurement Compact design Maintenance-free Metal appearance Low power consumption Multiparameter integration   Technical

GAOTek Portable Digital Hot Wire Anemometer

GAOTek portable digital hot wire anemometer with advanced features for precise air velocity measurements.

GAOTek Anemometer with Telescoping Probe (Data Memory)

This Anemometer with Telescoping Probe (Data Memory) is designed to measure air velocity, temperature and relative humidity and can holds the data memory as 10 x 99 sets capacity.

GAOTek Anemometer with Air Velocity (Air Flow Temperature)

This Anemometer with Air Velocity (Air Flow Temperature) is designed in the combination of hot wire and standard thermometer and can be used to measure the remote surface temperature upto 537.5 °F (999.5°C).

GAOTek Anemometer with Telescope Probe (Grilles & Diffusers)

This Anemometer with Telescope Probe (Grilles & Diffusers) is designed to measure HVAC ducts and small vents which extends upto 40 ft/min.