Alarm Integrated Flaw Detectors

GAO Tek’s alarm-integrated flaw detectors are advanced non-destructive testing instruments designed to identify and assess defects, featuring integrated alarms for immediate notification. The benefits include real-time defect detection with instant alarms, enabling swift responses and minimizing potential risks in various applications such as structural assessments, manufacturing, and quality control. The integrated alarm system enhances operational efficiency by ensuring timely attention to critical issues, contributing to increased safety and reduced downtime.
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GAOTek Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

GAOTek digital ultrasonic flaw detector can test, orient, evaluate and diagnose various flaws such as crack, lard, air hole in workpiece’s interior swiftly and accurately without any destruction.

GAOTek Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

GAOTek Digital ultrasonic flaw detector is advanced type, can quickly, easily and without damage, accurately detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various defects inside the work piece such as cracks, welds, pores, sand holes, inclusions, folding, etc.

GAOTek Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

This digital ultrasonic flaw detector has Simultaneous analog RF waveform output, Relative humidity 20% RH to 95% RH, and Sensitivity Margin 62 db.

GAOTek Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

This portable digital ultrasonic flaw detector has 5.7 in TFT color diplay, storage of 100 waveform data and working frequency of 0.2 MHz to 15 MHz.

GAOTek Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for NDT Testing

GAOTek portable ultrasonic flaw detector for ndt testing is specially designed for engineering personnel use on nondestructive testing.

GAOTek Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

This ultrasonic flaw detector has measuring range of 0 in to 393.70 in, frequency range of 0.5 MHz to 20 MHz with 6 dB DAC functions included.

Flaw Detector with Li Battery (100 Independent Setup)

This portable industrial Flaw Detector with Li Battery (100 Independent Set up) is used to diagnose defects such as crack, inclusion and pinholes in a workpiece and can be used continuously up to 8 hours.